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Quaestor’s Handbook by: Caius Curius Saturninus (2757), Gaia Fabia Livia (2757), Gaius Vipsanius Agrippa (2757), Arnamentia Moravia Aurelia (2757)

Quaestor Handbook Introduction

The purpose of this document is to help newly elected Quaestores to assume their duties as well as preserve information about practices that have been found useful. It is the desire of the creators of this document that it would be updated yearly with newest information.


  1. Quaestorship (by CCS)
  2. Different Quaestors Explained (by CCS)
    1. Consular Quaestors (by CCS)
    2. Praetorian Quaestors (by CCS)
    3. Aedilician Quaestors (by CCS)
      1. Curule Aedile (by CCS)
      2. Plebeian Aedile (by AMA)
  3. NR financial administration and Quaestors role in it (by CCS)
    1. Consular Quaestors (by CCS)
      1. Budgeting (by CCS)
      2. Payments in and out (by CCS)
      3. Tax Collecting (by GFL)
    2. Aedilician Quaestors
      1. Magna Mater Project
  4. Quaestor as Right Hand of a Magistrate (by CCS)
    1. Praetorian Quaestors
    2. Aedilician Quaestors (by GVA&AMA)
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