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Senatvs Consvlta



If the former citizen Lucia Maria Fimbria does indeed rejoin Nova Roma, as a former magistrate, his/her conduct was not Roman, nor was it in the spirit of what Nova Roma stands for.

Part 1. Should the Senate publicly post a rebuke condemning the individual Lucia Maria Fimbria for actions carried out against the magistrates of Rome?

Uti Rogas (YES) 8 ; Antiquo (NO) 3 ; ABSTO (I abstain) 1

Item passed.

Part 2. If Part 1 passes, shall our Praetor Urbanii draft a message, to be reviewed by this body, to posted in public condemning the actions of Lucia Maria Fimbria?

Uti Rogas (YES) 8 ; Antiquo (NO) 2 ; ABSTO (I abstain) 2

Item passed.

If Lucia Maria Fimbria does not join, then this will never be carried out, even if approved.

Yes-4 ; No-3

Item passed.

Oct 27, 2000

Reprimand to Nova Roma Citizen Lucia Maria Fimbria, now known as Lucia Maria Peregrina

Salvete, Senate Fathers, Magistrates, and Citizens of Nova Roma;

The duly elected Consuls of Nova Roma, having agreed upon this action,now stand together in Forum to issue the following Reprimand.

This Reprimand was voted by the Senate of Nova Roma, to be drafted by the Praetors and was then presented to the Senate for a series of revisions.

This Reprimand is now issued jointly by the Consuls Q. Fabius Maximus, and Marcus Minucius Audens.

The Senate of Nova Roma firmly condemns the offensive public actions performed by Citizen Lucia Maria Fimbria. The Senate of Nova Roma understands that the actions perpetrated by Citizen Lucia Maria Fimbria could only have the objective of throwing the person and offices of Lucius Equitius Cinninatus to public ridicule and to affect, in a negative way, the Auctorius, Dignitas, Fides of all Nova Roma public institutions. The actions perpetrated by Citizen Lucia Maria Fimbria were testified by several Citizens of Nova Roma including members of the Nova Roma Senate, which consisted of the following:

--Impersonation of a Magistrate and Pontifex; usage of the name "Cincinnatus" without his consent to impersonate him in a rite of suicide.

--Negative propaganda; using the Forum Romanum "http: // and other independently established lists, chatrooms and message boards to create sentiments against the goals of Nova Roma and against her Magistrates among Citizens and Prospective Citizens.

Both Consuls wish to thank Praetor Graecus for his efforts in drawing up and completing the many revisions to this Reprimand.

Valete, Respectfully; Q. Fabius Maximus and Marcus Minucius Audens--Consuls

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