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P. Memmius Albucius

ITEM VII - Latinists - list update (adopted SC)

The text

In view of lex Arminia de fovenda lingua latina approved on pridie Kal. Quint. 2757 auc, which creates a category of assistants called “Latinists” and requires that the Senate review every year their list ;

In view of lex Cornelia de linguis publicis approved on a.d. III Kal. Mar. 2755 auc, specially of its paragraph IV.C., which creates the office of “Interpres latinitatis” ;

Being reminded that Latinists “can correct existing texts in Latin [i.e., proofread them] and translate accurately from his or her native language into Latin” and are thus considered, by the State, as the main contributors to the security of its legal and administrative documents, as well to the development of the use and interest for Latin ;

Considering that this list has not been updated since several years and that the previous one needs to be updated ;

In due consideration of the skills of the considered citizens,

the Senate of Rome decides:

Article 1 : The following citizens, classified by alphabetical order, shall be considered as Latinists, from this day on to next Kal. Ianuarias: Cornelius Lentulus Cn. ; Memmius Albucius P. ; Petronius Dexter G. ; Tullia Scholastica A..

Article 2 : In the frame of lex Cornelia de linguis publicis, A. Tullia Scholastica is confirmed “Interpres latinitatis”.

Article 3 : The consuls are charged of the good execution of the present senatus consultum, which shall be applicable from its publication on, and be included in the Tabularium Nova Romae (Senate section).

Votes and opinions

  • xxx, xxx : UR
  • xxx : ABS. I agree that xxxxxx .
  • xxx: ANT: This proposal xxxxx .
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