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P. Memmius Albucius

ITEM I - Official lists - nature, definition and list (adopted SC)

The text

Article 1 : The current senatus consultum (abbr. "SC") replaces the SC/item VII issued on Jan 21, 2761 and registrated at:

Article 2  : All existing lists created or managed for use in the administration and government of Nova Roma are considered 'official lists' of Nova Roma. As such, they are subject to the internal laws of Nova Roma and to oversight by the Senate of Nova Roma. The ownership of all official lists resides in the Senate of Nova Roma.

Article 3  : Any list(s) created by a citizen of Nova Roma on behalf of the Republic and in the frame of the magistracy, public office or constitutional institution that (s)he holds then, or is the representative of, may be therefore considered an 'official' list. Such creators are called "owners", in that they have day-to-day authority as defined by Nova Roma's web host, currently Yahoo!.

Article 4  : The “owner” of an official list is, according the considered list, either a magistrate or an officer duly elected or appointed according the laws of Nova Roma. The manager(s) of an official list are magistrate(s) or public officer(s) or Nova Roma, or Nova Roma Inc. officers, entitled in this mission by Nova Roma laws.

Article 5  : The technical “ownership” of the list, such as defined by the web host, is characterized by a group of privileges including at least first the possibility to grant, remove or limit the powers of any co-owner, moderator or member, second to delete this list.

Article 6  : If authority for the day-to-day operations of a particular official list must change due to either election to an office or a religious appointment, the Senate of Nova Roma shall confer authority to the new day-to-day owner(s) within one nundinum once the election(s) or appointment(s) make such a change necessary; the outgoing owner(s) shall remain on that list until such time as the new owner(s) have taken office in accordance with Nova Roman law.

Article 7  : In exception to the above provisions, the Forum Romanum (e-address : ""), which welcomes at the present date all public discussions that Nova Roma citizens may wish to hold with each other, and which is under the management of the Praetors, is recognized as being owned by M. Cassius Julianus. The conditions in which M. Cassius Julianus places this list at the disposal of Nova Roma are, in necessary, defined by a separate convention. The Senate (Board) of Nova Roma shall, each time as necessary, specify when a new official list must, as the Forum romanum, be excepted from the general rule described in the above paragraphs.

Article 8  : When the creation or acceptance of a new official list is deemed necessary by the Senate of Nova Roma, the citizen acting on behalf of the Republic and proposed as future 'owner' shall first be informed of the conditions defined by the present senatus consultum, and acknowledge by written consent that (s)he will abide it.

Article 9  : All senators of Nova Roma may, at their request, be subscribed to any or all official lists of the Nova Roma such as defined below, whether as active members or simply as observers, dependent upon the nature of the concerned list as defined by the Senate of Nova Roma. The magistrate(s) or officer(s) managing the list shall not refuse to answer positively such a request, except for the lists mentioned in article 10 below, § 6 and § 8.2.

Article 10  : Currently hosted by Yahoo! provider, are recognized as “official lists” of Nova Roma, such as defined above, the following discussion lists, which welcome :

1/ the fora, public places where individuals meet and speak freely in the frame of Nova Roma laws :

11. Forum romanum, managed by the praetors at : ""; 12. Forum hospitium, managed by the praetors, and which welcomes all supporters of Nova Roma, socii, or persons interested in Rome, which cannot, being not cives of Nova Roma, enter the Forum romanum, at :"[to be created]" ;

2/ every constitutional comitia, which allow the citizen to express before an election, a vote, or to require and exchange an information on the curies, the centuries or the tribes : 21. Comitia curiata, managed by the pontifex maximus, at “" 22. Comitia centuriata, managed by the consuls, at "" 23. Comitia tributa, managed by the praetors, at "” 24. Concilium plebis, managed by the magistrates of the Plebs, according the rules defined by the tribunes plebis, at " Tabularium Announce list for the official announces and publication of Nova Roma legal texts, managed by the consuls, at : "",

3/ the Senate of Nova Roma :

31. Curia, used by the Senate of Nova Roma for its sessions, closed between the sessionsmanaged by the censors out of the sessions and by the presiding magistrate during them, at "" ; 32. Senaculum, used by the senators, curule magistrates and the tribunes of the Plebs, between the senatorial sessions, managed by the censors, at “”

4/ the religious colleges or departments, such as :

41. the collegium pontificum, managed by the pontifex maximus (PM) and, in the absence of a PM, by the censors, and hosted at : “”

42. the collegium augurum, managed by the magister augurum (MAug) and, in the absence of a MAug, by the censors, and hosted at : “”

5/ official or daily working information between magistrates and officers of Nova Roma working out of its assemblies : 51. Magistrates' list, managed by the consuls, at "" ; 52. Governors' list, managed by the consuls, at “”

6/ the daily working of every magistracy or office of Nova Roma, working out of its assemblies :

61. the Censorate lists, managed by the censors : 1. the list used for the general work of the censorial team ;
2. the Database and all its message boards or charts and hosted at “”

62. Consulate joint list, managed by the consuls, at "”
63. the Praetorian list, managed by the praetors, at “”
64. the aedilitas (curulis) list, managed by the curule aediles ;

65. the Tribunate joint list, managed by the magistrates of the Plebs, according the rules set by the Tribunes Plebis ;

66. all other central, provincial (governors and staffs) or local ones (aediles of municipia and oppida, etc.).

7/ every legal central, provincial or local assembly, existing or to be created ;

8/ the daily or project staff working of such public offices as :

81. Information Technology (I.T.) Novaroman services, managed by the Magister aranearius or, if existing, by the Chief Information Officer of Nova Roma Inc., through : – the existing or future web sites, created on behalf of Nova Roma, and such as : the previous web site hosted at and its message board ; the existing web site hosted on the wiki network at and its discussion pages or boards ; every discussion list created to complete, support or assist such work, as the Wiki Discussion List , at : "",

82. Finances and budget daily or project staff working

83. Specific projects teams.

Article 11  : Any list of discussion that would not belong to the above list shall not be considered as an official list of Nova Roma, nor its owners, moderators or members as representatives, in any way, of Nova Roma or one of its ordines, bodies, categories or classes. Any violation of this rule will allow Nova Roma Inc. to request, towards the relevant providers, authorities or courts, reparation of such a damage.

Article 12  : The Senate may, at any time and as it deems necessary, create additional official lists and add, in agreement with its 'owner', any existing list to the enumeration of article 10 above.

Votes and opinions

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  • xxx : ABS. I agree that xxxxxx .
  • xxx: ANT: This proposal xxxxx .
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