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P. Memmius Albucius

ITEM III - Annual elections 2763 - appointment of the required vigintisexviri - SCU
(adopted text)

The text

In view of the Constitution in its article V.E, relative to the issue of senatus consulta ;

Considering the difficulties currently met in the working of the electoral IT tools, and that it is necessary to set a temporary system, as simple as possible, that will not depend on any external or technical assistance, but will work in the normal frame of Nova Roma daily channels of communication ;

In view of the other senatus consultum, voted in the present session, which authorizes the consul maior to “modify, by edictum, the current legislation relative to the electoral system of Nova Roma (tools, proceedings, etc.) in order to adapt it to the creation of an electoral system which, as simple and efficient as possible, will allow Nova Roma institutions, and specially its comitia, to go on working normally without the assistance of the current IT system” ;

Considering that is necessary, in order that this temporary system works, that the relevant public magistrates be in office to guarantee the good working of our elections ;

Considering that, at the present time : one on four diribitors is still in office ; one on two custodes is still in office ; one on two rogators is still in office.

Considering thus that it is necessary to fill the required vigintisexviri magistracies ;

Considering however that it is necessary to keep, at this point, a margin of appreciation to decide whether is is necessary to fill all the legal positions ;

the Senate of Rome decides:

Article 1 : The consul maior is given the power to define, after due consultation, the appropriate number and nature of the positions of vigintisexviri which will be necessary to guarantee the good working of the annual elections in 2763 auc.  

Article 2 : The consul maior shall then submit the Senate, and no later than pridie Kal. Dec. 2763 auc (Nov. 30, 2010), the list of these positions, with the names of the proposed cives for these suffect magistracies.

Article 3 : The Senate shall then appoint these suffect magistracies.

Article 4 – The vigintisexviri, existing or to be designed by the Senate, who, inside this list, will have to receive directly the vote of the citizens and be thus aware of the identity of the voters and of the nature of their votes, will not be allowed to run for the concerned elections.

Article 5 – The consuls are charged of the good execution of the present senatus consultum, which shall be applicable from its publication on, and be included in the Tabularium Nova Romae (Senate section).

Votes and opinions

  • xxx, xxx : UR
  • xxx : ABS. I agree that xxxxxx .
  • xxx: ANT: This proposal xxxxx .
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