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P. Memmius Albucius

ITEM IV - Bylaws – senatorial ad hoc committee – designation
(adopted text)

The text

Considering the importance for Nova Roma inc. to adopt appropriate by-laws, which would at the same time obey the incorporation Law and answer the demands of the daily action of the Corporation ;

Considering the need to associate to the consular previous work the Board (Senate) of Nova Roma, so that the text which would be adopted, according the legal requirements, be the better as possible and the most consensual as possible ;

Considering the emergency of this mission ;

Considering the proposal of consul Memmius to reserve up to three seats, in a working group of five members-citizens of Nova Roma, for the Board ;

the Senate of Rome decides:

Article 1 : The consul maior is required to form a senatorial ad hoc committee which will be composed of five members, which will be the following ones :

  • three senators : Consul P. Memmius Albucius, Praetorius sen. G. Equitius Cato, Aedilicius sen. G. Iulius Caesar
  • one magistrate : L. Iulia Aquila, aedilis curulis
  • one fifth qualified person, to be designed by the consul maior.


Article 2 : The consul maior shall chair this committee, which will work from the draft previously agreed by both consuls in order to propose the Senate of Nova Roma new by-laws for Nova Roma inc.

Article 3 : On the report of the consul maior, the Senate will then be submitted the text adopted by the committee, either directly on the whole by-laws, or article by article or group of articles by group, as the consul maior will see fit in order to save as much time as possible and considering the senatorial agenda.

Article 4 : The consuls are charged of the good execution of the present senatus consultum, which shall be applicable from its publication on, and be included in the Tabularium Nova Romae (Senate section).

Votes and opinions

  • xxx, xxx : UR
  • xxx : ABS. I agree that xxxxxx .
  • xxx: ANT: This proposal xxxxx .
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