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P. Memmius Albucius

ITEM V - Forum – Creation of a forum for guests
(adopted text)

The text

Considering the need to open a second forum (on line list of discussion), in order to improve the services given to the guests of Nova Roma, who are interested with romanitas, the study and knowledge of Rome, and do not wish becoming, or becoming yet citizens of our Republic (members of our corporation) ;

the Senate of Rome decides:

Article 1 : Beside the “Forum romanum”, electronic list of discussion welcome by web host Yahoo! at the e-address :
"", shall be created, with no delay, a second forum, under the same form of an electronic list of discussion and welcome by web services host Yahoo! at the e-address : "”.

Article 2 : The second forum shall be called “Forum hospitium” (Guests' forum).

Article 3 : Both lists, which are official lists of Nova Roma, shall be managed by the Praetors of Nova Roma and stay open 24h on 24. One of the members of the “moderation team” set for the management of the Forum hospitium, will be welcome at the same time in the censorial team, in order to ease up the answers brought to the questions asked by fresh citizens or people who are interested by Nova Roma membership.

Article 4 : The Forum romanum (also called “Main List”) shall be reserved exclusively to Nova Roma members (citizens). A person loosing, by any way, her/his citizenship will be automatically removed from this list and orientated to the Forum hospitium.

Article 5 : The Forum hospitium (also called “Guests' List”) shall welcome :

  • every person interested in romanitas, study and knowledge of Ancient Rome, and in the fields which are part of Nova Roma Inc. object, and who do not wish becoming, or becoming yet, citizens of our Republic ;
  • every member-citizen of Nova Roma who would wish discussing of such matters with others.

No message, under a form or another, on Nova Roma's internal affairs (politics, organization, etc.) or criticizing Nova Roma's organization, goal(s), members or policies, shall be accepted in the Forum hospitium. The violation of such rule may bring any moderator, under the praetorian authority, to limit or deprive a member of this list of any of her/his rights, from a simple reminder to her/his exclusion.

The citizens of Nova Roma have, in the Forum hospitium, no special privilege, and are subject to the same rules than its other members.

Article 6: The Praetors of Nova Roma define, for each of both forums, the most appropriate staff and rules necessary to guarantee their good working, in the respect of the present senatus consultum and of the laws of Nova Roma. By exception to Nova Roma laws and limitation to the above sub-paragraph, the Forum Hospitium is placed directly under the provisions of the web host (currently Yahoo!) “terms of service”, which may be completed, and as the Praetors see fit, by any relevant specific rule.

Article 7: The magistrates of Nova Roma are charged of the good execution of the present senatus consultum, which shall be applicable from its publication on, and be included in the Tabularium Nova Romae (Senate section).

Votes and opinions

  • xxx, xxx : UR
  • xxx : ABS. I agree that xxxxxx .
  • xxx: ANT: This proposal xxxxx .
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