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Senate session 21-27 Jan. 2010 cc - item II, detail

Item II – Information on the budget procedure

(information point for discussion; no vote)

Here is below the letter that I sent last Jan. 15. Ideally, we consuls may propose to you senators a draft budget 2763 in next March 2763. Naturally, we will depend on the reactivity of every concerned officer, magistrate and person concerned.

Every opinion, observation, proposal is welcome, and will sustain the Budget work and the proposals that will be presented to the Curia and, in its legal frame, to NR Inc. Board. Thanks, senators, giving us your advice.

P. Memmius Albucius

Magistratibus ministribus praesidibus collegiorum senatus s.d.
The adoption of our budget is an important time of our public activity. Every year, it sets the financial frame of our action. Beyond the words and the intents, any action cannot be implemented without money.

In our Roman republic, the Senate votes the budget and allows every concerned magistrate or civil or religious concerned officer to have the means of her/his action.

In order that our Senate may be proposed a well prepared and discussed Budget 2763, I ask you all to send to me (cc. pls for my colleague Fabius Buteo and for Cur. aer. Iunia Laeca) your proposals, requests, recommendations for this year budget. These ones will include, naturally, all your own plans, but also, *if you endorse them*, every proposal etc. made in your field by any civis, etc.. Whoever will have issued such proposal, we will in effect require that the concerned magistrate or officer has at least been aware of it, and has given her/his opinion on it (pro/ante/no opinion).

You will at the same time provide the possible, desirable, etc. expenses, but also the receipts that could be made in the field of your activity. Concerning the expenses, are concerned at the same time the expenses of the actions, projects, etc. entering your field of competency, but also the ones which might arise in your daily activity. For provincial governors, the current governors will have to build their budget and issue their propositions in the frame of this global Budget 2763. From now on, please include in your proposal the sums that you would wish, according to our law, to be kept under your provincial control, and which would thus not be managed by the central Treasury.

Your sending will, so that we may adopt our Budget in decent times, be sent to me for next Kal. Feb. *at worst*, with all necessary attached informations and documents. Naturally, the sooner the better. Please also specify when your action etc. expense is scheduled (month, year, length of the period), as well as whether the proposed expense is a priority or not. If it is, please explain why.

Keep in mind that, at this step, the fact that our Senate has voted the principle of Its support to an action, fund, expense, will have no effect if you, as magistrate or officer in charge of this field, do not ask that such action, fund, expense be listed, with a defined sum, in this year budget. On the contrary, you may propose to write down an expense whose principle has not yet been allowed by the Senate. In this case, we consuls will, if we endorse your proposal, propose the Curia such extension.

Your proposals, requests and recommendations will be examined by consul Fabius Buteo, curatrix Iunia and me, during the first days of February. We may need contacting you for further information. Please be then as reactive as possible.

In a second step, the consular proposal will be sent at the same time to the Senate Budget and Finances Committee, to every Senate committee concerned with the relevant expenses/receipts, and to the Opposition, for its due information. The plenary session of our Curia will be convened for the first days of March. In order that the whole Curia may discuss and take a decision being aware of all needed informations, every Senate committee will have sent its report, with its proposals, to the consuls who will display it to the plenary Curia. In absence of such report, the committee will be reputed as issuing no proposal.

As the carried out Budget 2009 has not yet been closed, technically, nor adopted, you will find, for your preparation work, the provisional budget for last year 2762/2009 at:

If you were not sure of the limits of your competency, on who manages such project or action, and whether you should write down this or that expense or receipt in your own proposals, do not hesitate contacting us consuls: we will, in the respect of your position, propose to you a solution so that no useful information be lost. By default, the expenses/receipts that might not be 'naturally' be placed in the constitutional competency of such magistrate or officer, will be handled by the consuls. The "conventus" are placed under the Budget competency of the aediles curules.

Do not forget, also, contacting the other magistrates or officers who, though they are not legally in charge of your field of action, have nevertheless an important part to play in it, at least assisting you: cur. aer. Laeca for the financial fees, the MA Lentulus and the CIO Saturninus for the web projects, etc..

Last: any proposal relative to the recent Haiti earthquake will be examined, if the Senate confirms Its wish carrying on the Emergency Fund created last year.

To end here, and as a reminder, we will naturally, this time in the frame of our non profit making corporation, be brought to adopt our NR Inc. Budget 2009. I will propose that this, legally mandatory, adoption be placed after the vote of our Roman budget, by coherence. We will probably, at the same time, propose the vote of last year Budget 2009. I draw every one's attention on the fact that this NR Inc. budget may not be wholly the same than NR Republic' one, if we need or monies to have NR Inc., as an association, working. So please all concerned officers and Board members think about that and prepare the necessary proposals.

Thanks for your attention, and taking an active part to this important budget work.

Valete omnes,

P. Memmius Albucius consul

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