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There are a vast number of major and minor Roman deities that were served by "lesser known" priests and priestesses in the ancient Roman world. Sacerdotes are low ranking priests that tend the temples and shrines, maintain the worship of a deity, and who assist the populace with their worship of that deity. There is no limit on the number of sacerdotes assigned to a single deity.

Within Nova Roma the sacerdotes that oversee the worship of deities that do not have their own Flamen or Collegia (or who assist flamines in the worship of specific God or Goddess). There is, in essence, no limit to the number of sacerdotes that may serve a deity.

Please note that since there are many Gods and Goddesses from the Roman World, all the possible Sacerdos Priesthood positions cannot be listed here. If there is a Roman deity that you are interested in serving both publicly and privately, you are welcome to apply to be an official Sacerdos of that deity by applying to the Collegium Pontificum.

  • Sacerdos Concordiae: Cn. Cornelius Lentulus
  • Sacerdos MentisM. Hortensia Maior Fabiana Faustina
  • Sacerdos Dianae: M'. Titinius Silvanus
  • Sacerdos Clius: M'. Titinius Silvanus
  • Sacerdos Quirinalis: M. Aemilius Agricola
  • Sacerdos Furrinae: M'. Titinius Silvanus
  • Sacerdos Herculis: P. Aurelius Barbatus
  • Sacerdos Fortunae Primigeniae: C. Petronius Stephanus Turpilianus
  • Sacerdos Liberi: L. Dellius Liberalis
  • Sacerdos Cereris: D. Autronia Stolo


Camilli are priestly assistants and future priests in training. They are currently:

  • Camillus Solis Invicti: T. Domitius Draco
  • Camilla Neptuni: M. Hortensia Maior Faustina Marina
  • Camillus Neptuni Patris Rheni: Ser. Avidius Secundus
  • Camillus Mercurii: L. Aurelius Regillus
  • Camillus Falacris: Q. Iulius Arvina
  • Camillus: C. Albius Barrus
  • Camillus Isidis et Serapidis: D. Fabricius Avitus
  • Camillus Veneris: L. Rutilius Cuminum
  • Camillus Isidis: L. Liberius Victor
  • Camillus Vulcani: M. Pompeius Caninus
  • Camillus Minervae: D. Aurelius Ingeniarius


Pullarii are priestly assistants to the augures. The current pullarii are:

  • Pullaria: L. Claudia Quadrata Feles
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