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Below is the lawful Senate of the Nova Roma Republic. Nominally the Senate has 24 senators, currently there is only 14 participating voting members, which gives a minimum quorum of 10 voting members. There are 8 other senators in this Senate who do not participate in our sessions because they seceded from the republic and joined the faction conducting the “civil war”, led by Caesar and Sulla, against the lawful government of Nova Roma. There are 2 other senators who are on unspecified leave and their membership in the Senate is suspended. For practical purposes, we do not count the 8 secessionists and the 2 on unspecified leave in the quorum.

The 14 voting members are (first those who are currently magistrates then in order of senatorial rank):


α rank Name Abbr. Current mag./off. Dignitas Status
1 A. Tullia Scholastica ATS Princeps Senatus, Censor Censorius sitting
2 Sex. Lucilius Tutor SLT Censor Consularis sitting
3 Q. Arrius Nauta QAN Consul Praetorius sitting
4 P. Annaeus Constantinus Placidus CnIC Consul Censorius sitting
5 Q. Lutatius Catulus QLC Praetor Aedilicia sitting
6 M. Iulius Camillus MIC Praetor Aedilicia sitting
7 Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander CCLA - Consularis sitting
8 C. Claudius Quadratus CCQ Tribunus Plebis Consularis sitting
9 C. Tullius Valerianus Germanicus CTVG - Consularis sitting
10 T. Domitius Draco TDD Tribunus Plebis Consularis sitting
11 M. Aurelius Cotta Iovius MACI - Praetorius sitting
12 A. Liburnius Hadrianus ALH - Praetorius sitting
13 C. Petronius Dexter CPD - Praetorius sitting
14 Gallio Velius Marsallas GVM - Quaestorius sitting

Non-senator voting member with the ius sententiae dicendae as specified by the lex Popillia senatoria:

M. Pompeius Caninus – Vir Consularis

Proxy: C. Petronius Dexter is on an officially sanctioned leave – he assigned his proxy to Sex. Lucilius Tutor. Therefore, as per XI.J of the SC de ratione senatus, MMDCCLXV, he is deemed present. From among those who are absent, only C. Petronius Dexter is counted in the quorum because only he declared his leave of absence and his allegiance to be loyal to Nova Roma, and his intention clearly to continue his service.

n leave due to unspecified reasons and thus not counted in the quorum (2 members):

Dec. Iunius Palladius Invictus – Censorial Senator (former Princeps Senatus) L. Equitius Cincinnatus Augur – Censorial Senator M. Aemilius Crassus – Consular Senator Pompeia Minucia Strabo – Consular Senator

The 8 secessionist senators on leave due to their actions against the Government and People of Nova Roma, and thus not counted in the quorum are:

  • T. Iulius Sabinus – Censorial Senator
  • Q, Fabius Maximus – Consular Senator
  • Sta. Cornelia Valeriana Iuliana Aeternia – Consular Senator
  • M. Cornelius Gualterus Graecus – Praetorian Senator
  • C. Maria Caeca – Aedilician Senator
  • Q. Vipsanius Agrippa – Tribunician Senator
  • Q. Suetonius Paulinus – Tribunician Senator
  • C. Marcius Crispus – Senator

The following 3 tribuni plebis who are not senators themselves have the right to attend this meeting of the Senate and are invited to participate therein:

  • M. Claudius Marcellus
  • Sp. Porcius Gemma
  • M. Hortensia Maior Fabiana Faustina

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