Senatus consultum ultimum on the appointment of a non-corporate interrex and on the holding of non-corporate elections (Nova Roma)

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Enacted on: pr. Non. Oct. Cn. Lentulo T. Domitio cos. ‡ MMDCCLXIX AUC (In the year of the Consulship of Cn. Lentulus and T. Domitius, 6th October, 2769 AUC / 2016 AD)


Whereas the Senate and People of Nova Roma and the Republic of the Nova Roman People have been brought to a state of crisis and turmoil by a meditated coup,

whereas the perpetrators of the coup, Cn. Iulius Caesar, L. Cornelius Sulla Felix and their faction, who maintain control of the corporate infrastructure of Nova Roma, refuse to defer to lawfully established process and surrender control of Nova Roma’s infrastructure and communication channels,

and whereas the same perpetrators who brought Nova Roma to the aforementioned state of crisis, maintain control of the voting tools of Nova Roma, and disallow any exercise of electoral process and willfully impede the election of magistrates scheduled for this year by consul M. Pompeius Caninus, thereby leaving Nova Roma without any direction and organized activity,

we, the law respecting senatores of Nova Roma, proclaim the following unofficial, non-corporate senatus consultum ultimum to be enacted as a temporary measure, not to be held as binding under the corporate constitution of Nova Roma, Inc. or the regulations of the State of Maine:

I. As required by the Constitution, we appoint Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander as a non-corporate interrex for 4 consecutive terms to reactivate the last lawful call for candidates and elections issued by M. Pompeius Caninus, and to conduct a non-corporate election of consules for the remainder of the current year, by holding an unofficial and non-corporate session of the comitia centuriata. Since the voting platform of Nova Roma is under control of the coup faction, this non-corporate senatus consultum ultimum authorizes the interrex to create an alternative voting procedure by e-mails which shall differ from the procedure described by the lex Cornelia de ratione comitiorum centuriatorum only in those points where it is necessitated by the circumstances of the crisis.

II. The candidates thus elected shall be termed as “non-corporate consules” (or, alternatively, “Citizen Representatives”) and shall not be considered officers of Nova Roma Inc. or any part of the corporate structure and organization, but shall exist only within the symbolic framework of the res publica, and shall serve as unofficial civic representatives of the people that gave a mandate to them. The office of non-corporate consules is to be regarded as separate from the corporation; the purpose of the office being to direct Roman community life without having the power to issue any decision with binding force on the corporation.

III. Candidates for the non-corporate consulship shall be at least 21 years of age and shall have been a citizen of Nova Roma for at least 3 years; all other requirements for candidacy defined by the lex Cornelia de cursu honorum are hereby waived for this election.

IV. The mandate of the non-corporate consules shall be to establish a framework for the Nova Roman community to be able to function properly during the period of crisis so as to facilitating the return of order and lawfulness to the Republic.

V. This unofficial, non-corporate senatus consultum ultimum shall not have any legal meaning or official status either under the laws of the State of Maine or within the context of Nova Roma, Inc. as a corporation chartered in the State of Maine, USA; however, it shall become an official senatusconsultum ultimum of the Nova Roman Senate upon later confirmation by the lawful, legal state and corporate authorities of Nova Roma after order is restored to the Republic.

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