Senatus consultum ultimum on the continued operation of the res publica during the crisis (Nova Roma)

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Enacted on: a.d. XIV Kal. Ian. Cn. Lentulo T. Domitio cos. ‡ MMDCCLXIX AUC (In the year of the Consulship of Cn. Lentulus and T. Domitius, 19th December, 2769 AUC / 2016 AD)


Whereas the Senate and People of Nova Roma and the Republic of the Nova Roman People have been brought to a state of crisis and turmoil by a meditated coup,

whereas the perpetrators of the coup, Cn. Iulius Caesar, L. Cornelius Sulla Felix and their faction, who maintain control of the corporate infrastructure of Nova Roma, refuse to defer to lawfully established process and surrender control of Nova Roma’s infrastructure and communication channels,

and whereas the same perpetrators who brought Nova Roma to the aforementioned state of crisis, maintain control of the voting tools of Nova Roma, and disallow any exercise of electoral process and willfully impede the election of magistrates, thereby leaving Nova Roma without any direction and organized activity,

we, the law respecting senatores of Nova Roma, determine that the consules shall take care that the Republic suffer no harm or injury, and proclaim the following unofficial, non-corporate senatus consultum ultimum to be enacted as a temporary measure, not to be held as binding under the corporate constitution of Nova Roma, Inc. or the regulations of the State of Maine:

I. Since the voting platform of Nova Roma is under control of the coup faction, until further instructions from the Senate, the consules are by this senatus consultum ultimum authorized to be exempted from under all restrictions and regulation concerning the holding of senate sessions or assemblies of the comitia, including the regulations on elections and candidacies, in order to ensure a timely and viable process of any necessary legislation and election before pridie Kal. Ian. (December 31) in the current calendar year Cn. Cornelio Lentulo Alexando et T. Domitio Dracone consulibus MMDCCLXIX AUC (2016 AD). The laws temporarily suspended include, but are not limited to, the senatus consultum de ratione senatus MMDCCLXV, the lex Cornelia de ratione comitiorum populi tributorum, lex Cornelia de ratione comitiorum centuriatorum and the lex Cornelia de cursu honorum. Other laws, or sections within laws, that address any aspect of elections or sessions of the senate and the comitia, are also covered within this exemption.

II. It is required from the consules that they follow the letter of the law to its fullest extent and use their exemption from under the rules of senate sessions and comitia proceedings only when it is unavoidably necessitated by the circumstances of the crisis.

III. In order to facilitate the upcoming work of this august body, all voting members of this senate are, for the duration of the crisis, recognized as senatores under the lex Popillia senatoria (dated and effective from the day of their joining the “Lawful Senate of Nova Roma” mailing list), and A. Tullia Scholastica is hereby designated as permanent Acting Princeps Senatus for the non-corporate senate of Nova Roma; no further special censorial designation will be required in the future duration of the crisis.

IV. The consules are further instructed to pass a lex, under the authority of this senatusconsultum ultimum, in the comitia centuriata which shall regulate the temporary crisis government and the continued operation and active functioning of the Nova Roman Republic. The lex enacted under the authority of this senatus consultum ultimum shall be regarded as being part of, and taking effect within the frames of, this senatus consultum ultimum, and thus it shall be considered to have the same legal force as a senatus consultum ultimum.

V. This year’s consules’ principal mandate has been determined by this Senate as to to establish a framework for the Nova Roman community to be able to function as to facilitating the return of order and lawfulness to the Republic. In order to increase the sense of morale, civic activism for pressing on toward the goal of restoring Nova Roma, the sense of Nova Roma patriotism and loyalty, and in order to increase the awareness about the connection of our online community activities and the real life Roman communities within our res publica, and the visibility of, and awareness about, our Nova Roman reenactment legions, the recruitment of the voluntary activist groups which participate in the intellectual and legal fight for defending and restoring Nova Roma shall be organized in a manner honoring the tradition of Roman legions, and, simultaneously, promoting our own legions that are dedicated to the service of Nova Roma.

V.1. Consul Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander, Consul T. Domitius Draco and the Proconsul Sex. Lucilius Tutor are hereby instructed to take the ceremonial command of the legions of Nova Roma, and, by doing so, to establish a framework where Nova Roman citizens who wish to participate actively in the campaign of saving, restoring and reforming Nova Roma, by voluntary activities (such as participation in constructive debates, criticism and activism making benevolent pressure on the unscrupulous group that controls Nova Roma) are assigned as ceremonial “external” or “supporting members” to Nova Roman legions

V.2. The Consules Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander, T. Domitius Draco and the Proconsul Sex. Lucilius Tutor shall recruit citizen activists in form of assigning them (with the previous agreement and approval of the involved legion commanders) to the loyal Nova Roman legions as “reservist (and/or long distance) and administrative service personnel”, and then take care that these groups of activists will work in an organized and coordinated manner to help Nova Roma return to normalcy and function. The specific framework and operation of this activist program shall be decided and approved unanimously by all involved legion commanders and by the two consules.

VI. This unofficial, non-corporate senatus consultum ultimum shall not have any legal meaning or official status either under the laws of the State of Maine or within the context of Nova Roma, Inc. as a corporation chartered in the State of Maine, USA; however, it shall become an official senatus consultum ultimum of the Nova Roman Senate upon later confirmation by the lawful, legal state and corporate authorities of Nova Roma after order is restored to the Republic.

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