Senatus consultum de conventione constitutionali

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Enacted on: a.d. VII Kal. Iun. C. Claudio T. Domitio (II) cos. ‡ XXI ANRC et MMDCCLXXI AUC, Anniversario XX Novae Romae Conditae, Anno Sacro Concordiae (In the year of the consulship of C. Claudius and T. Domitius (II), 26th May, 21 ANRC / 2771 AUC / 2018 AD, in the 20th Anniversary of the Founding of Nova Roma, the Sacred Year of Concordia)

The Senate hereby orders the holding of a constitutional convention to commence in July 2018. The Senate recognizes the need to clarify the duties of the magistrates of Nova Roma and the manner in which they are elected, provide for a functioning treasury, and establish uniform procedures for the acquisition of citizenship.

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