Senatus consultum de provincia marcomannia populi novi romani

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Enacted on: Id. Apr. Q. Arrio P. Annaeo cos. ‡ XXII ANRC et MMDCCLXXII AUC (In the year of the consulship of Q. Arrius and P. Annaeus, 13rd April, 22 ANRC / 2772 AUC / 2019 AD)

I. The Senate and People of Nova Roma commends Proquaestor Regionis Marcomanniae Ti. Iulius Nerva, Legatus Legati Pro Praetore and his fellow Pannonian Czech Nova Romans in Marcomannia for their work towards the organization of Regio Marcomannia of the Nova Roman Pannonia Provincia, especially for the work he had done under his tenure as Praefectus Civitatis Boihaemi. Special recognition is due also to the governor Legatus Pro Praetore Pannoniae Cn. Cornelius Lentulus for supporting and overseeing the development of this regional community within Pannonia, and for encouraging the establishment of an independent new province under his responsabilty and guidance, and Legatus Legati Pro Praetore Sex. Lucilius Tutor, for initiating the Czech participation in Nova Roma. However, in lack of a Report from the Proquaestor Regionis Ti. Iulius Nerva, Legatus Legati Pro Praetore, the Senate of Nova Roma is unable to make a definite, final decision, even though in the representation of Regio Marcomannia Legatus Sex. Lucilius Tutor supported the decision and the governor of the province Pannonia, Legatus Pro Praetore Cn. Cornelius Lentulus confirmed his recommendation for the birth of this new province and the appointment of Ti. Iulius as governor.

II. Considering past announcements about positive developments Regio Marcomannia of Pannona Provincia, and the current testimonies of governor Cn. Lentulus and legate Sex. Lucilius, as a recognition and our sign of trust in their testimonies and in the active work of Ti. Iulius Nerva and the Marcomannian Pannonians of Nova Roma, the senate decrees that Regio Marcomannia is hereby separated from Provincia Pannonia, and as a new province of the Nova Roman People, Provincia Marcomannia of Nova Roma is hereby established, founded and created by the date of the Kalends of May (1 May).

III. In the trust he will continue to serve Nova Roma and the interests of Nova Roma with utmost loyalty and dedication, the Senate appoints Ti. Iulius Nerva as temporary Legatus Pro Praetore Provinciae Marcomannia, to serve as temporary governor until the Kalends of September (1 September), effective from the Kalends of May, and to submit a Regio Marcomannia Report about all the past activities within Regio Marcomannia while it was part of Pannonia until these Kalends of May. Where possible, photos should be included. If he submits this Report to the consuls before Kal. Sept., he is automatically prorogued as permanent governor of Marcomannia, without senate voting needed. If he fails to submit the Report before Kal. Sept, his governorship expires automatically, and he will have to apply for the position again.

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