Senatus consultum ultimum de pontifice maximo (Nova Roma)

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Enacted on: a.d. VI Id. Sep. C. Claudio T. Domitio (II) cos. ‡ XXI ANRC et MMDCCLXXI AUC, Anniversario XX Novae Romae Conditae, Anno Sacro Concordiae (In the year of the consulship of C. Claudius and T. Domitius (II), 8th September, 21 ANRC / 2771 AUC / 2018 AD, in the 20th Anniversary of the Founding of Nova Roma, the Sacred Year of Concordia)

The purported expulsion in MMDCCLXVII (2014 C.E.) of C. Petronius Dexter from the Collegium Pontificum, and his offices as Pontifex Maximus and Flamen Portunalis, is declared to have been illegal and, accordingly, null and void. It is requested that the Collegium Pontificum reaffirm the religious offices of C. Petronius Dexter, status quo ante.

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