Sextus Postumius Albus (Election MMDCCLX)

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Sextus Postumius Albus

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX

Salvete Consul and my fellow citizens,

The request for candidates was placed several weeks ago, and I have put much thought into what I can do to be of service to the Republic.

After much reflection, I have decided to delcare myself as a candidate for the office of Diribtor.

I am 38 years young, and live in Provincia Mediatlantica. My macro-world job is as a project manager/technical writer.

I have been a citizen of Nova Roma since March of this year, and have paid my taxes. I have participated in the games, and have learned much from reading the daily postings to the main list and reading the website and some of the books that have been suggested.

I view my candidacy as a valuable first step for myself into a larger world serving our Republic, and pledge to perform all the duties of the office to the utmost of my ability.


Sex. Postumius Albus

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