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The following is a review provided by C. Sempronius Aquila of Provincia Australia in Sep of 2020

  • Preamble - NR does NOT "practice" Roman civilization for the period 753BCE through to 394CE as the structure and organisation of NR is limited to the Republican era, as specified in the following paragraph.

Further more the Constitution specifies that there is a Comitia Populi Tributa with 35 Tribes. This number of Tribes did not exist until 241BCE. Suggest rephrasing accordingly.

  • Paragraph I.A. - There are three provisos listed but the paragraph refers only to two.
  • Paragraph II.B.4 - 'The State' hasn't really been defined and should be for clarity.
  • Paragraph V.B - Suggest capitalization of 'State'.
  • Paragraph V.B.2 - Suggest capitalization of 'State'.
  • Paragraph V.C - Last line, replace 'as' with 'at'.
  • Paragraph VI.B. - Suggest capitalization of 'State' and 'Nation'.

Replies and reactions

Salve, C. Semproni! The Talk Page of laws is not really the place for suggestions for changes in the content of laws (law modifications), but orthographic or grammatical corrections are encouraged on this page. Nevertheless, a reaction to the points:

  • Regarding "period 753BCE through to 394CE as the structure and organisation of NR is limited to the Republican era": Nova Roma includes elements from the imperial period, too, let's just think of the titles "legatus pro praetore" or "magister memoriae", or our uses of imperial era military equipment and civilian clothing. The criterion is that all these have to be consistent and fitting into the original republican model. There is a limit, but it is not inflexible, and not too strict. As long as something can be fit into the republican model without changing the essence, it can be included into the state structure. This does not change the main goal, the revival of the ancient Roman republic. Not exact copy, but a functionally and structurally quite close copy, with admissions to our current needs, and admissions to other periods of Roman history.
  • I don't understand why the date for 241 BCE should be included into the Constitution regarding the tribes. It is true that the number of tribes was not 35 originally, but from that date until the very end of the empire it was 35, so it is historically even more authentic and requires no excuse or explanation.
  • Good catch, regarding the I.A. "two provisos". It shall be corrected by the praetores.
  • Capitalizations: I am not sure about the preferred orthography in laws written in English, but it can be changed if this is the norm in English.
  • Other grammatical suggestions: thank you for those, the praetores can make steps.

Vale! --Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus 20:22, 2 October 2020 (CEST)

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