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1. Do not attempt to pay taxes by logging into the Album Civium and clicking the link to pay taxes. The form is undergoing maintenance and is not available. You can pay, however, following the instructions below.

2. This year's taxes must be remitted through PayPal directly to the PayPal address of the curator aerarii (chief treasurer of Nova Roma) P. Porcius Licinus (Jeffrey Larson). See the section below on HOW DO I PAY MY TAX? for important information that must be included with your payment.

Deadline for tax payment: December 20th.


Nova Roma is asking for your donation in order to maintain, reorganize and revitalize our ever growing international organization and community. As a tribute to the ancient Roman state and society, we call these donations “taxes”. These taxes are optional, and very low (only 9 USD) but in order to maintain your ranks and status in Nova Roma, "tax payment” is required, which is just a donation to the non-corporate community treasury of Nova Roma, administered by quaestor P. Porcius Licinus (Jeffrey Larson), the curator aerarii of Nova Roma, and all donations must be sent to him. Nova Roma needs your donations in order to keep our website, citizen database and online assets, so it is of extraordinary importance to pay your taxes this year.

The deadline to donate your “Nova Roman taxes” is 20 December, 2020. After this 20 December deadline “taxes” will be accepted only with a delay penalty of an additional 9 USD, which means that from 21 December taxes with penalty in total will be 18 USD. The penalty doesn't apply for citizens who became members of Nova Roma after that date. Please also note that paying the membership fee is optional, but it gives a higher citizen status, more rights and a higher voting power to you within Nova Roma.


You just have to send your tax-substituting donations of minimum 9 USD via PayPal to the collector, the curator aerarii (chief treasurer) and quaestor P. Porcius Licinus at the following PayPal address:

V E R Y I M P O R T A N T: When you have sent the donation, please send a message to the consul immediately and specify the amount you donated. Only I can update your assiduus (taxpayer) status of "good standing citizen". Write to me and tell me how much you donated. Contact the consul Q. Arrius Nauta at:

You may send just the minimum 9 USD, but ideally -- if you can allow it -- you should send more because Nova Roma is under a complete reorganization and its corporate and website infrastructure, the current costs are high, and we have only a few donors. An ideal donation would be about 50 dollars. If you send 20, 30, 80 or more, all will be great help to Nova Roma. Only by your donations can we fully reorganize and revitalize our community.

If you fail to submit your taxes, you will lose your offices or ranks (if you have any), as per the law, because taxpayer status is required for holding office.

The deadline is December 20, after that the minimum amount will rise to 18 USD.


The minimum amount of acceptable donation is 9 USD, however, if you decide to pay at least 45 USD or more, you receive the honor of being enrolled, with full membership, into the Equestrian Order of Nova Roma, and you become an eques equo privato ("knight with private horse") or private equestrian, in brief. By becoming a private equestrian you receive the following extra rights:

- to use the title "eques", or "eques Novus Romanus" (Nova Roman Knight or Equestrian) - to have 7 extra Census Points - to have the label "member of the Equestrian Order" in your citizen ID profile - to wear a tunica angusticlavia (a tunic decorated with a narrow purple stripe) - to wear the equestrian golden ring - to extend this right to your direct descendants and to your spouse (as long as you remain an equestrian) - to have distinguished seats and to take precedence over regular citizens at public events

All you have to do is to send at least 45 USD or more instead of the 9 USD of donation for your Nova Roman taxes, and you become a distinguished member of the Nova Roman aristocracy, the Equestrian Order. Send your equestrian donation to this PayPal address before 20 December:

V E R Y I M P O R T A N T: When you have sent the donation, please send a message immediately to the consul Q. Arrius Nauta at the address below and specify the amount you donated. If you don't inform the consul about your taxpayment donation, you will not receive assiduus status (taxpayer status), and you will not receive the equestrian dignity, either.


Nova Roma is a big family, and we take care of those who pass away and of their families if they served our community with dedication. We strive to be pious Romans and loving brothers and sisters of each other. The senate awarded a funus censorium (censorial state funeral) to our recently deceased leader, censor and proconsul Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander the Elder, pater patriae, the leader under whose auspices the founding of the Nova Roman nation was completed in a ground breaking ritual during the year of Sex. Lucilius, C. Claudius, P. Annaeus, Q. Catulus consular tribunes (2017). This honor in ancient times meant that the Roman People's Treasury paid the costs of the state funeral, including the pomp and honorific gestures. In Nova Roma, this means that we, the People, can donate to the family of our beloved dead fellow citizen, Lentulus the Elder, to assist in the financial costs of the macronational (modern) funeral and the Roman funeral ceremony.

We, the citizens, would send a donation to Cn. Lentulus Alexander's widow wife L. Aemilia Lepida as a little contribution to the costs of Cn. Lentulus' real funeral. The donations are collected by quaestor T. Popillia Laenas in lieu of the Nova Roma non-corporate treasury.

Send the Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander Memorial Donation via PayPal to the quaestor's PayPal address at:

The goal is to collect circa 500 dollars because this was the amount that we donated to the funeral of Ti. Galerius Paulinus when he died, and this amount was the aim in the donation campaign for the Audens Memorial Fund after M. Minucius Audens died and received similar honors. The minimal amount collected should be at least 250 dollars of donation.

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