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Synopsis and Purpose


This template is used to mark pages with numerous statements needing citation of some sort. Specifically, it is for those cases in which the heavy usage of the {{Cite}} template for the relevant statements would litter the page. Exceptions are the two language-related uses ({{Cite|language}} and {{Cite|translation}}), for which this template should not be used.



This template should be placed at the top of a page, but should not be placed any higher than the language bar. Placing this template on a page will add the page to the category Pages with content needing verification[1] , and cause the following block to appear at the top of the page[2]

This page has multiple statements needing verification.

Please help! Providing citations in accordance withour guidelines will improve the quality of our site.


This template is under continued development. Please use the discussion page to request changes to this template or to offer constructive feedback.


This template was inspired by and its design based heavily upon the editing and proofreading templates found at Wikipedia.


  1. or the translated category for the appropriate language
  2. As this template is translated across multiple languages, the text above will appear in the language appropriate to the namespace of the page.

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