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Purpose and Synopsis


This template is used to mark pages or sections of pages that use too many or too lengthy quotations of or passages from sources material, and to request the relevant portions be rewritten appropriately.


{{Overquoting | page or section | quote, passage, or both}}

Parameters are not case-sensitive.

The first parameter designates whether it is the entire page, or only a section of the page, that is to be marked. The second parameter specifies the issue: too many or too lengthy quotations, too lengthy passages, or both. The second-parameter value"both" may only be used if the first parameter is "page".

This template should be placed at the top of the appropriate area (page (below the language bar!) or section).

  • Placing this template at the top of the page, with "page" as the first parameter and "passage" as the second, will cause the following notice to be displayed at the top of the page:
This page uses excessive passage(s) of source material.

Please help! Improve the quality of this page by replacing its passage(s) with original, properly sourced material suitable for this page.
  • Similarly, but using "section" and "quote", respectively, at the top of a section:
This section makes excessive use of quotations. Please improve it by replacing the quotations with original, properly sourced material.

Using this template also places the page in the category Category:Pages with content to be rewritten.


This template is under continued development. Please use the discussion page to request changes to this template or to offer constructive feedback.


This template was inspired by and its design based heavily upon the editing and proofreading templates found at Wikipedia.

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