Titus Arminius Genialis (Election MMDCCLX)

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Titus Arminius Genialis

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX

Titus Arminius Genialis Consuli Tiberio Galerio Paulino Civibusque SPD

I humbly come to your presence wearing the toga candida to announce my candidacy for the Quaetorship in 2761.

I come from Provincia Brasilia, where I'm in the fourth year of my undergraduate studies for being a physician. I am 21 years old, and I wish to start my cursus honorum. Since my childhood, I have always been interested in Ancient Rome, and Nova Roma is a unique opportunity for celebrating its amazing, rich culture. By working directly in the government of our Res Publica, I can try to help on the development of our projects, so that we will be able to achieve the Roman values, make them respected and bring them to our daily life, following the good examples the Romans left us during centuries.

A few weeks before joining Nova Roma in 2002, I had already started to work as assistant of the interpreter for Portuguese. In my early citizenship, I also served twice as Scriba Propraetoris (including once as Retiarius), twice as Provincial Legate for Foreign Affairs, Scribe of Curator Differum Ti. Galerius Paulinus, Scribe of Plebeian Aedile, and Accensus Junior of Consul K Fabius Buteo Quintilianus.

All this previous profile has taught me a little about how people act and react, a little more about the difference between void politics and real government and, the most important, a lot about how to solve problems and make things work out. I sincerely believe in Nova Roma and in a successful future for our community. And I want to take part of this hard work, so that we can share ideas, experiences and expectations. This is team work, and this is what is going to keep us as legitimate heirs of Roma Antiqua. Our independence and sovereignty depends solely on good projects and on working people who put these projects on the way.

Currently, I am Interpreter for Portuguese, Scriba Censoris and Legatus Pro Praetore in my Province.

Now I offer you my candidacy for Quaestor, as a small step towards achieving these purposes. And I ask your vote, so that we can take this step together.

Valete optime bene.

Candidate for Quaestor 2761

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