Tribune report of January 2763 auc session

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P. Memmius Albucius

Tribunician report for Senate session 21-27 Jan. 2763

Tribunus Plebis M. Valeria Messallina Quiritibus S.P.D.

Here is the Tribunician report of the Senate session of January 21 - 27, 2763. The votes have been tallied and the results are as follows:

Formal debate ended at sunset at 17.18 hours, Rome time (11:18 a.m. EST) on a.d. VI Kal. Feb. (January 27) 2763. Voting began immediately afterwards and ended at 16:30 hours, Rome time (10:30 a.m. EST) on a.d. VIII Kal. Feb. (January 25) 2763 and concluded at 16:30 hours, Rome time, (10:30 a.m. EST) on a.d. VI Kal. Feb. (January 27) 2763.

The following XXVI (26) Senators cast their votes on time. They are referred to by their initials which are listed in alphabetical order [the list has not been reported here in order to save place - please consult the tables below]

The following five Senatores voted by proxy: CCS and MMA (proxy to CFBQ); FGA (to MMHP); PUSV and QFM (to DIPI)

"UTI ROGAS" indicates a vote in favor of an item, "ANTIQUO" is a vote against, and "ABSTINEO" is an open abstention.


ITEM I: Current session of the Collegium Pontificum


The Senate requires information from the Pontifex Maximus on the Collegium Pontificum's current session's general agenda and, in particular, the two points written in its agenda concerning the possible declaration of impietas against Senatores G. Equitius Cato and L. Cornelius Sulla Felix, its factual and legal base and possible consequences.


Item I had no voting.

ITEM II - Information on the budget procedure


The Consuls ask the Senate for proposals, requests and recommendations for this year's budget.


Item II had no voting.

ITEM III - Information on the writing of by-laws for NR Inc. non-profit making corporation


To create a document of by-laws in conformity with incorporations laws, which shall be separate from the constitution of NR.


Item III had no voting.

Item IV - Discussion of the best date for the annual entry into office of the Tribunes


Changes either the date of entry into office by the Tribunes of the Plebs or changes the constitution specific only to the date of entry into office by said Tribunes.


Item IV had no voting.

Item V - Emergency Disaster Fund: confirmation and, if confirmed, application to Haïti current situation

(information by Cur. Aer. And former coss. MCC and MIS + vote)



Votes and opinions


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