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Only time will tell
Test 1 (re-organize)
As web space isn't infinite, I'm currently testing a way to reduce space in the NR Website.
> Testing in my own Bio pages (EN, ES and PT), will use only the Bio page EN to contain all info.
> In this way the others Bio pages will only have 39 characters.
>> In summa: Now I have 3 pages with 3757 ch. (39*2+3669=3757) instead of 3 pages with 6642 ch. (2209+2218+2215=6642).
(Now the space used is almost the half.)
> Bonus: Now instead of updating each page one by one, I only update 1.

Test 2 (2-table)
1st attempt
Attempt to creat a new personnel template:

Actual Test:
Main Title
Left Title Box
Left Box
Right Title Box
Right Box
Content after the 2 Boxes

Test 3
Way one
Versus Way Two
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