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Mania Caelia Caerulea is a young artist based in Vancouver, in the Canada Occidentalis region.

Her identity was confirmed and she was instated as an official citizen of Nova Roma on the Ides of July, 2015 CE (Or 2768 A.U.C.).

Within Nova Roma

Within Nova Roma, M.C. Caerulea's prescence has yet to become pronounced.

However, she has memberships in Sodalitas Coquorum et Cerevisiae Coctorum, Sodalitas Egressus, and the Sodalitas Musarum. Caerulea has expressed hope to promote outreach and the spread of information through the art of cartooning and sequential art, thus bringing honour to both societies.

As for the Sodalitas Coquorum et Cerevisiae Coctorum, she's mostly just in it for the recipes.

Outside of Nova Roma

M.C. Caerulea's involvements outside of Nova Roma have thus far primarily involved graphic design and studies into fine art and music.

Her graphic design efforts can be seen here: [[1]]

Above are images posted to Society6, a site offering printed renditions and wearable digital art, here: [[2]]

However, Caerulea is involved with several Roman Pagan, Wiccan, and Jewitch (Jewish/Pagan fusion) groups online, and also regularly posts about her own spiritual experiences, as seen here:[[3]] In context of these groups, she uses the name "Caerulea Moscaica", in part a reflection of her Nova Roma name, and in part a reflection of her legal name elsewhere in society.

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