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Is the Foundress of the Sodalitas Musarum, the youngest citizen to found a Sodales at the age of 19. Now Thirteen years later the Sodalitas Musarum, is still active and strong.

Former Legate of Membership for the AustroOccidentalis Provincia, serving under the ProPraetorships of both Marcus Valerius Potitus and later Quintus Caecilius Metellus Postumianus Pius .

In 2010, Aeternia went through one final name change, she is now known as 'Statia Cornelia Valeriana Juliana Aeternia', her Gens Cornelia Valeriana Juliana is willing to accept members who qualify under the guidelines of the Censors.

Also in 2010 (2763), Aeternia ran and won the election for Rogatrix-Suffectus, and also ran for Curule Aedile for the year 2011 (2764), in which she also won. Elected to the position of Aedilis Curulis Maior..Stood as a Praetorian Candidate, which she won and will serve as Praetrix for the year 2012 (2765). Currently a Consular Candidate for the year 2767(2014), in which she won and will serve as Consul Maior for the year 2767 (2014) A.U.C.

Aeternia's other claim to NovaRoma Fame is that she was the first citizen in Nova Roma to be Officially adopted by another citizen.

Other quirks about Aeternia, she has the longest feminine name in Nova Roma, writes Gothic poetry on her spare time and is working on her first full length novel, has two pets, a big supporter of Wildlife Conservation, has a degree in Classical Humanities (focusing on Mythology) with Minors in Western Civilization and Music Theory, and is a longstanding and proud member of the Re-Enacting community, and has traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe.

Favorite Muses are: Calliope, Clio, Erato, Melpomene, Terpscihore, and Mnemosyne (Mother of the Nine Muses)

Some of her personal Mottos are "Carpe Omnia","Fortes Fortuna Iuvat" "One must Work Hard In Order to Play Hard", and "Only to Fear, Fear Itself".

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