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Personal Info


I am Tiberius Octavius, called Avitus for I am like both my grandfathers. I have just joined the wiki and will be using some of my free time to get this page up to par with my standards and to put in some useful information. I'll also be using this page to test things before I try implementing them.

Feel free to contact me anytime,

Tiberius Octavius Avitus


Notes To self

Stop putting new code into the in progress work

In Progress work

Style Guide work in Progress

Actual pages needing translation (That are linked from main page)

FAQ, Magistrates, Senators, Provinces, Annals, Ager Publicus, Religio Romana, Priests and Priesthood, Rites and Rituals, Roman Calendar, Campus Martius, Sodalitates, Events (Simple translation), Via Romana (long), Roman Virtues, Lingua Latina (Translated, double check it and check formatting), Literature and Art, Interview the Experts, Choosing a Roman Name, First Steps, Community Portal,

Roman Clothing and Equipment Translation In Progress

Legxx tent.jpg

Une grande partie de l'information suivante est prise du manuel officiel du Legio XX et est employée avec leur permission amiable. Le manuel fixe un standard strict de l'authenticité.

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