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I think your document can best serve as a guideline to use when importing the tabularium.

As for article titles, use mixed case rather than all uppercase (it's easier to read), and use I, J, U, and V where appropriate. Anything that's relevant to Nova Roma (even unofficial stuff) should have the "(Nova Roma)" suffix (except templates) - an article without that suffix would be about the ancient world.

The wiki automatically categorizes articles based upon a tag that you add to the article itself. So we gain the benefit of having an oranizational scheme such as the one you've been using, but without the need to maintain the indexes separately.

When importing a law from the old tabularium, the title should be something "Lex Octavia Centuriata (Nova Roma)". Within the body, use HTML DIV's (class="scriptum") to surround the law text. Then at the bottom put the category indicators:

[[Category:Tabularium (Nova Roma)]] [[Category:Edicta (Nova Roma)]] or [[Category:Leges (Nova Roma)]] [[Category:Amendments (Nova Roma)]] (if applicable) and the new categories - which we haven't set the names for yet - could be [[Category:Laws - Senate (Nova Roma)]] [[Category:Laws - Religio (Nova Roma)]] [[Category:Laws - Gentes (Nova Roma)]] ...etc.

We had talked on the mailing list of categorizing the leges in this manner but hadn't set up the categories yet. By using the wiki "Category" feature, the indexing takes place automatically.

Thanks and Vale, Marcus Octavius Germanicus 10:36, 9 March 2006 (CST)

need to catch a train, will look into this in a few hours Marcus Octavius Germanicus 10:56, 9 March 2006 (CST)

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