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Salve, C. Equiti Cato!

And welcome to the editorial staff of our website. Please remember always to observe our category system, adding each new article you create to the relevant category. Please also observe to add a languagebar to each new page and to keep the orthographic design in line with the accepted practices (no full capitalization for emphasis, but bold letters e.g.). When adding new pictures, we use thumbnails. See an example to this in the article of Iuno.

If you have any kind of question, don't hesitate to ask help from me, I'm the content manager as Magister Aranearius. For technical management we have no officer currently, but Agricola is an unofficial adviser for that matter. Saturninus is the ultimate boss, as Curator Rei Informaticae.

Vale! --Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus 13:22, 26 August 2009 (CEST)

Near all of these, please pay attention to the photos copyright.Titus Iulius Sabinus 13:31, 26 August 2009 (CEST)
Hooray! thanks, gentlemen. I'm trying to use only photos or images in the public domain. How do I turn an image into a thumbnail? For the proper names of the Gods I've been doing it in caps in bold at the head of the article; is this OK?
use Vroma, this is a permitted source for photos, give them credit. Ideally use a photo of a cult statue and use statutes, paintings from the Roman era. Not Renaissance etc. Keep to the style; that is photos on the right with frame.To do this use the code for image and then |right|frame surrounded by double bracketsMarca Hortensia Maior

Some answers

This is a picture that is modified in its size.To see the command you have to use, click the "edit" of this page:

Juno courtesy of Vroma.jpg

You can modify the size of the picture to get an aesthetically appropriate ratio to the design of the article.

You can use thumbnails that allows you to use subtitles to the picture, while still can modify the size and even the position left-right.

Iuno, Queen of the gods.

Giant pictures aren't looking good in an article, so we usually have to reduce their size.

About the spelling of the names of the gods: while I admit that many people wish to express respest towards the gods by capitalizing the word "god" or "goddess", I think it is not a tradition of polytheistic thinking. Names of the gods of course must be written with capitalized initial, but the rest of the word must be in lower case, even if as first word at the beginning of an article. So always 'Neptunus, in bold, and not NEPTUNUS. This is what is observed in all articles.

ooooh I moved the picture and made it smaller cool  :) OK, thank you very much.

NO Capitalizing of god or goddess. See Cordus' quote on Neptunus page! Here is a very fine example by Nero of an article. This is what you should try to emulate Hortensia Maior

Ideal article and Cultus Task Force

What Hortensia showed you, the Taurobolium is an ideal example of how a good article have to look like, what its structure is, the place for a picture, the way of adding references, citations, links, languagebar etc. Please also try to focus on Roman approach, i.e. while describing a Roman god Greek sources and Greek mythology has only place when all Roman sources are used up. Our focus is to catch the unique Roman nature of the Roman gods. If you indend to work on religion articles, you need to join the NovaRoma:Cultus Task Force. On the discussion page of the Task Force, or on the discussion pages of the single articles we can arrange the organization of the religion topics. --Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus 12:19, 28 August 2009 (CEST)

Interesting and useful. My only question is that since ancient writers used both Greek and Roman names for the gods almost interchangeably, is there difficulty in quoting the Orphic or Homeric Hymns to, say, Zeus or Hera when the Romans made it quite clear that they considered Zeus and Hera to be Iuppiter and Iuno? By the way, I'll not put any images up at all until I have mastered the way of doing it that has been described. I am using articles that I wrote regarding the various festivals (and that were used on the calendar that we publish), so unless I use quotation marks these are written by me.

Use only Roman name etc, the article should be Proserpina. Do not quote Greek hymns or Orphic Hymns, use Roman poets. Roman sources. Ovid, Horace, Livy, Tacitus. Aways cite your work, if the material you are posting comes from the Nova Roman Calendar, Saturninus'? then you must quote it as your source in references. Marca Hortensia Maior

Marca Hortensia, I WROTE THE CALENDAR INFORMATION. Also, Proserpina is ALSO CALLED Persephone by the Romans.

First, call me properly either Maior or Hortensia. If you mean the postings on the ML, you got the information somewhere, cite it. If it's Smith's Dictionary...well don't even write an article based on information that old, do modern research. Also with Roman gods we use Latin names, that's the Style and the reason we have the Cultus Task Force, so don't argueMarca Hortensia Maior also sign your remarks with 3 tildes.

Official Opinion

Maior and Cato!

Please do not even think to bring here your personal controversy. On one hand, Hortensia is right to call the attention of Cato that our goal is to have the latest scholarship here with no Greek but Roman focus, because however the Romans identified their religion with the Greeks' in literature, in fact it was very different and not identical at all. On the other hand, it is BETTER to have Smith's articles in our website than an empty page. Cato is right in his activity to create as many new articles as he can, and if an article contains only Roman sources cited, it is way much better than not having an article. Smith is better than nothing: and there will be somebody later who raplace it with another new article, it's question of time.

So I ask you Maior not to be so anxious about the scholarship of Cato's articles: this is a WIKI. If Cato makes a mistake it will be corrected within seconds. So it means everything will be altered with time: this is the essence of a WIKI. You and I and other contributors will improve the obsolete or outdated articles, just good to have an article started at least. And Cato, you please cite the books and your sources upon which your articles are written, and observe the guidelines we gave. And if your article will be modified (even if drastically), do not be offended or disappointed: this is the nature of the WIKI. The articles are our common work, and nobody owns them but Nova Roma.

And finally, to both of you: if I'll notice any kind of personalities and squabble not appropriate here, I will have to make the necessary official steps to guard over the peace of the workplace. --Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus 08:32, 29 August 2009 (CEST)

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