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The main goal of the census is to determine accurately the number of citizens who make up Nova Roma. This page is dedicated to the census of the year P. Ullerio C. Equitio cos. MMDCCLXIV a.u.c.
Census in Roma Antiqua

The census was a register of Roman citizens and of their property, first established by Servius Tullius, the fifth king of Rome. After the expulsion of the kings it was taken by the consules, until censores were appointed for the purpose of taking it in 443 B.C.

The census, the first and principal duty of the censors, for which the proper expression is censum agere (Liv. III. 3, 22, IV.8), was always held in the Campus Martius, and from the year B.C. 435 in a special building called Villa Publica, which was erected for that purpose by the second pair of censors, C. Furius Pacilus and M. Geganius Macerinus (Liv. IV.22; Varr. R. R. III.2). Learn more...
Census in Nova Roma

The legal basis of organizing the Census in Nova Roma consist of:

The census enter under the censores and their cohorts of the year 2764 a.U.c jurisdiction and responsibility:

Useful information

Already counted for census are:

  • those who voted in the main election.
  • those who have paid taxes for the current calendar year including exempts.
  • persons who became citizens during the current calendar year.

At the beginning of census in Nova Roma are recorded:

  • Active: 1345 Citizens.
Census activities
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