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The Yale University Art Gallery

Located within walking distance of the Yale University Library. (Which in itself is a great resource for impossible to find Classical works!) The Yale University Art Gallery has several tasteful rooms of Roman and Etruscan antiquities. They also have a portion of an excavated Mithraeum, which is a must see.

The Yale University Library and Yale University Art Gallery are both visited during MithraCon, one of Nova Britannia's longest-running and best attended events, which takes place in April of most years.

Slater Memorial Museum

This museum on the grounds of the Norwich Free Academy, features a host of plaster casts of famous Greek and Roman statues in addition to other items of historic and artistic interest.

Center for Hellenic Studies

This Greek cultural center on the Storrs campus of the University of Connecticut includes a full-size ancient Greek style theater.

New Hampshire
Rhode Island
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