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Kal. Nov. M. Octavio L. Sulla (II) cos. MMDCCLV a.u.c., Censor Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus published a message on the main list detailing the order in which the original gentes of Nova Roma had been created. Here is that list, with the names of the original citizens added:

On the 21 of April (the birthday of Roma)1998 @ 10:54 AM the order was thus:

These were the original Patrician Gens, of course some of them were one person gens that became extinct when the "paterfamilias" resigned. They were replaced as time went along. Thus we now have Africana Secunda, Annaea, Antonia, Fabia, Grylla, Minucia, Nigra, Tullia, Ulleria as Patrician Gens.

Dec. Iunius Palladius Invictus wrote about the first months of Nova Roma what follows below:

"Yes, unfortunately much early information is not in the databanks. The first mailing list of Nova Roma, which operated for our first 5 or 6 months did not store information, so much of that is lost. I do have a lot of it saved--one of these days I will organize it for public access.
There are other gaps in our records: Lucina Iunia Cypria was Curule Aedile in 1998, appointed in April (our other one, Silvanus was appointed in March).
It is hard for this information to be collected since there is no single repository of infomation and history.
Anyway, yes Metellus was Senator and Plebeian Aedile from day one, March 1. He wanted to have the Plebeian institutions operating from the beginning, which is why he did not ask for another magistracy. He could have been praetor if he desired. When Nova Roma started there were 4 magistrates, they were also senators: 2 Consuls, 1 praetor, and 1 Plebeian Aedile--Metellus. There were 5 gentes when we opened for business: Vedia, Cassia, Iunia, Maria and Caecilia Metella, the latter deliberately plebeian.
After quite a bit of searching last night I cannot find exactly when he resigned. He was active until at least Fall of 1999, I have a message from himthreatening a veto in Sept of 99 while he was Tribune of the Plebs. Tonight I found the text of an IM chat from March of 2000 in which he was considering resigning. I believe he left not long after, perhaps during the gender edict controversy. If I find something more specific, I will let you know."


ARTICLE IN PROGRESS: History of Nova Roman gentes

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