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CIV-Marcus Curiatius Complutensis.jpg Marcus Curiatius Complutensis

Candidate for consul.
Album Civium

Marcus Curiatius Complutensis omnes civibus Novae Romae SPD.

One of the republican traditions of Roma was that, typically, the candidates for the Consulship presented themselves in pairs, to complement and support each other. Consequently, and respectful of the highest traditions of our beloved Rome, Marcus Iulius Severus and myself have decided to jointly present our candidacy for the Consulship. Our love for Rome, her culture, her religion and her laws, demands from us to take a further step in our will and decision to participate, collaborate and serve, to make Nova Roma stronger and greater.

Therefore, we don the toga candida to address you, citizens, individually first, to inform you about each Cursus Honorum, and jointly later, to briefly explain our program.

I, Marcus Curiatius Complutensis, submit to you my candidacy for the Consulship in 2009 CE. I have been a citizen of Nova Roma since MMDCCLVI A.V.C., member of the Plebeian Order and Assidui since MMDCCLVII A.V.C... In these six years, I have served as:

Aedilis Oppidi Compluti [MMDCCLVI A.V.C. and [MMDCCLVII A.V.C.]
Legatus of Propraetor Hispaniae [MMDCCLVII A.V.C.]
Governor of Provincia Hispania [since MMDCCLVIII A.V.C.]
Scriba Censoris [since MMDCCLVIII A.V.C.] I have been working in the Cohors Censoris, where three Censores, Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus, Gnaeus Equitius Marinus and Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus, have decided to grant me their confidence.
Scriba Magister Aranearius [MMDCCLVIII A.V.C.]
Accensus Consulis Minoris [MMDCCLIX A.V.C.]
Tribunus Plebis [MMDCCLX A.V.C.]
Senator [MMDCCLIX A.V.C.]
Praetor Novae Romae [MMDCCLXI A.V.C.]

I have written articles for the web blog of the Provincia Hispania Nova Roma and I am the founder and editor of the online magazine COMMENTARIOLA HISPANIAE.

I have collaborated with the Magister Aranearius M. Lucretius Agricola to create the Wiki site in Spanish and to help in the translation to Italian of several articles. In the Wiki site of Nova Roma, I am member of the work groups "Key Path Task Force" and “Sitios Romanos en Hispania".

I have studied Latin in the Academia Thule with Magister Avitus, and I have created a group of cultores in my province.

This year I have participated in the politic life of Nova Roma as Praetor, using my knowledge of the Nova Roman laws and the ancient and classic Roman laws to guarantee the respect to our Constitution and laws, and with my colleague Iulius Severus have introduced in the ML of Nova Roma the right to speak in various languages.

I know that several of my decisions as Praetor have been harshly criticized, but I can guarantee that those decisions were made impartially, taking into account the well being of our Res publica and her citizens, and thinking always of contributing to the strengthening of our Res publica and our Religio.

This is a new step in my Cursum Honorum. I want to take part actively in Nova Roma's politics to serve the Republic, and therefore I am sure that I am the right person for the Consulship. In order to complete this task,

I ask you, citizens, to vote for us in the next elections.

Curate ut valeate


Marcus Curiatius Complutensis Marcus Iulius Severus omnes civibus Novae Romae SPD.

Citizens of Nova Roma, we, M. Curiatius Complutensis and M. Iulius Severus, keep the Roman traditions in our private lives. We have inspired in our families the love for Rome and the Roman way of life, so that our macro-national families are, simultaneously, our Nova Roman families.

During our term as Praetores, we have taken all our decisions in mutual agreement, have consulted ourselves frequently and have complemented each other in a most harmonious way.

We were the first Praetores in organizing a different Ludi Apollinares, for major glory of Apollo and of Nova Roma.

Due to our macro-national professions, Complutensis as a lawyer, Severus as a journalist and writer, we sincerely believe to be qualified appropriately to encourage the development of Nova Roma and her presence in the world.

And, of course, we are firmly determined to fulfill our duties as Consuls in total and complete collaboration with the Senate, the Collegium Pontificum and the new Praetores.

We believe that the policies promoted by the Consuls M. Moravius Piscinus Horatianus and T. Iulius Sabinus have been the best for this year 2008, and therefore it is our intention to take the required steps of continuity to strengthen those policies and add new options and goals for Nova Roma and the Nova Romans.

We deeply believe that the cult of the Roman Religion must not be any more a private or even anecdotal matter and must become more public, really present in the every day life of Nova Roma and the Nova Romans.

We want to explore the possibility that an ancient Roman temple could be assigned to Nova Roma, to publicly practice our sacred Religio and offer due worship to the Gods and Goddesses of Rome.

We will promote that Nova Roma will have legal personality in all the countries of the world where there are Nova Roman communities, starting with the European Union and Latin America, without neglecting the United States and Canada in any way.

We hope that in the near future, Nova Roma will not only be an organization of cultores or re-enactors, not only an educational and cultural organization. We want Nova Roma to become the point of reference, the axis of a Roman world that will be consolidated step by step, with our effort, with our dedication and hard work.

We should not only devote ourselves to study and re-enact the glorious Roman past, but to unite our efforts and find allies, to preserve and consolidate our archaeological heritage around the world, defending it against the attacks, the oversight or the neglect of both governments and individuals.

There is a lot of work ahead, citizens. We want to do it and we know that we can, with your support and active participation in the Nova Roman life, our everyday life. This is why we ask you, citizens, to vote for us in the next elections.

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