MMDCCLVI first quarter treasury report

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First quarter financial update for Nova Roma:

Beginning balance as of 1/1/03: $4,771.59


  • Eagle subscriptions: $148
  • Flag revenue: $279.50
  • Taxes: $635.51
  • Donations: $12
  • Total: $1,075.01


  • PayPal fees: $70.98
  • Reimbursement to Marcus Antonius Bianchus for 2002 Lacus Magni event: $150
  • Transfer to Ad Funds Res (land fund): $250
  • Transfer to Fideicommissum (scholarship fund): $400
  • Incorporation fee: $20
  • Reimbursement to Cassius for flags sold: $128.25
  • Total: $1,019.23
  • Ending balance: $4,827.37


The tax revenue is presented only through 4/1/03; the second-quarter report should contain a full accounting of the amounts received.

These totals do not include any reimbursement for Eagle expenses, as the Treasury had not received a statement from the editor. We expect such a statement to be forthcoming and plan to cover these expenses.

Nova Roma came close to breaking even this month despite the annual transfer of funds to our long-term goals. This argues well for our financial health.

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