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Here are Nova Roma's most recent citizens, who have completed their legal probationary period (PP) recently. Please join us to wish them the best welcome in Nova Roma !

a nb Name NR cit. nb. End of PP(auc) Province State etc. Age Full citizen Instr. off. Censor
1 Tiberius Valerius Aculeo 13623 April 15, 2764 Hispania Baleares 37 yes CLS PMA
2 Aulus Domitius Curio 13625 April 15, 2764 Gallia Geneva 47 no CPD PMA
3 Marcus Ulpius Quadratus 13622 April 14, 2764 Britannia Denbigshire 41 yes CMC PMA
4 Tiberius Claudius Galea 13620 April 13, 2764 Mediatlantica New York 30 yes CnIC PMA
5 Marcus Fulvius Hispanus 13618 April 12, 2764 none Venezuela 33 no PMA PMA
6 Servius Marius Nero 13611 April 7, 2764 America austroccidentalis Colorado 33 yes CnIC PMA

In the column "Full citizen", a "no" means that the concerned civis has not taken and/or passed the entry test : though (s)he has the right to vote, (s)he cannot be elected or appointed to any public position.

Updated Csr PMA Apr. 15, 2764 auc.
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