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The sources tell us that there was an order of precedence given to the sacerdotes publici populi Romani. This order, in general, included the Rex Sacrorum, Flamines Maiores, and the Pontifex Maximus[1]

 As we have it, the Ordo Sacerdotum was:
  1. Rex Sacrorum
  2. Flamen Dialis
  3. Flamen Martialis
  4. Flamen Quirinalis
  5. Pontifex Maximus

To this, we may add the remaining pontifices in order by seniority (pontifices minores did not factor into the Ordo; they were not, in fact, sacerdotes proper). We are currently uncertain of whether the minor flamines were included in the Ordo, though we do know that they were ranked. About this, we know only that the Flamen Pomonalis was the most junior; there are speculations which may authoritatively be raised, however nothing can be stated with certainty -- we have lists which seem to give the order, but we are yet unsure as to whether or not they actually do give the order. At any rate, following these, we know that the Vestales ranked last in the College of Pontiffs, after which were the Augures, in order of seniority, then the [Quin]Decemviri Sacris Faciundis, followed by the Septemviri Epulones.


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