Provincia Dacia - History (Nova Roma)

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History of Dacia Nova Roma

Fr. Apulo C. Laenate cos. MMDCCLVIII a.u.c.

Kal. Apr. : Dacia became an official province of Nova Roma.

prid. Non. Quin. : Titus Iulius Sabinus is appointed propraetor of the new created province.

a.d. X Kal Sex. : The first edict about the administration of Dacia.

a.d. X Kal Sex. : First provincial magistrates are appointed :

  • Iulia Caesar Cytheris Aege - Legatus Internis Rebus.
  • Marcus Prometheus Decius Golia - Legatus Externis Rebus.
  • Quintus Iulius Probus - Legatus Militum.

prid. Non. Sex. : Citizens from Dacia take part to the Nova Roma Conventus from Rome.

a.d. III Id. Sex. : The first Dies Natalis Dacia is celebrated.

a.d. III Non. Nov. : Gaius Marius Maior is appointed Procurator Dacia.

C. Buteone Po. Minucia cos. MMDCCLIX a.u.c.

Kal. Ian. : Titus Iulius Sabinus was elected Curule Aedile and Magna Mater Project Coordinator.

prid. Non. Quin. : Lucia Iulia Severa became member of the Collegium Interprovinciale.

Governors of Dacia Nova Roma

starting with prid. Non. Quin. , Fr. Apulo C. Laenate cos. MMDCCLVIII a.u.c.

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