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The Senate Policy Committee (SPC)


1. The research and development of strategic plans for the advancement of any goal and objective of Nova Roma, as described in the Constitution, or in any lex or Senatus consultum, or as determined by the committee.

2. The selection of items of policy to be included in any Senatus consultum that provides direction to the consuls in pursuit of maintaining any strategic plan or setting goals for their term of office.

3. Oversight of any plans that are created and/or recommended by the SFC, SCC, SPEC and SCEC in order to ensure that such plans do not conflict with the work of another committee.

4. To provide such direction to the SFC, SCC, SPEC and SCEC as is necessary to ensure that conflicts between the mandate and scope of those committees and its own scope and mandate is minimized or prevented. Those other committees must comply with such directions issued by the SPC.

5. Responsibility for specific inquiries and investigations.

6. To act as, and assume the mandate and scope of, any committee where the membership of that committee is zero.




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