Senatus Consultum de Provincia Australia

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Enacted on: a.d. XI Kal. Oct. Q. Arrio P. Annaeo cos. ‡ XXII ANRC et MMDCCLXXII AUC (In the year of the consulship of Q. Arrius and P. Annaeus, 21st September, 22 ANRC / 2772 AUC / 2019 AD)

The consuls and the senate thank the work of citizen D. Aurelius Ingeniarius made for the purpose of the reorganization and revitalization of Provincia Australia, and the senate expresses its support for the continuation of his work. As the governor of Australia is located in a different geographical area, and as he is busy with other obligations and is currently unable to conduct fast and effective leadership, the senate instructs proconsul Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander to intervene with his imperium maius possessed over Australia and give the necessary authorizations to D. Aurelius Ingeniarius in order to build an active province of Nova Roma.

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