Senatus Consultum on the Situation of the State of Emergency

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Enacted on: a.d. XI Kal. Oct. Q. Arrio P. Annaeo cos. ‡ XXII ANRC et MMDCCLXXII AUC (In the year of the consulship of Q. Arrius and P. Annaeus, 21st September, 22 ANRC / 2772 AUC / 2019 AD)

As the senate received two reports in these two months about successes in the struggle to save Nova Roma from the coup faction who caused a state of emergency starting from the year M. Pompeio Sex. Lucilio cos, one report from the princeps senatus, censor Tullia Scholatica who informed the senate that L. Cornelius Sulla renounced his citizenship and the coup faction remained without leaders, and the other from quaestor Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, the representative of the Executive Committee of the Liberatores Saving Nova Roma, who informed the senate that the official NR website has been recovered, the senate deems that the state of emergency is approaching to an end soon, and the senate instructs the consuls to prepare the next steps in order to put an end to the turmoils of the res publica, and to report their recommended course of action to the senate, after consultation with the Executive Committee of the Liberatores Saving Nova Roma and with legal experts.

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