Senatus Consultum on the conditions of use of the Nova Roman trademark

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1. The Senatus consultum entitled "Senatus consultum regarding flag copyright permissions" is repealed forthwith. The automatic previous permission granted for all Citizens, magistrates, provincia, sodalitates, and other organizations of Nova Roma, to use the image the Nova Roman trademarked flag on any website/web locations/social media page related to Nova Roma is also revoked, both for existing and future users.
2. That automatic permission granted under the above repealed Senatus consultum is replaced by a conditional approval, subject to any subsequent review by the Senate of Nova Roma Inc. where the content of such a website/web locations/social media page related to Nova Roma is deemed by a vote of the Senate to be detrimental to the corporate interests of Nova Roma Inc.
3. Conditional use of the trademark (the image of which may, at the time of the propagation of this Senatus consultum, be found at spqr.jpg on the main website) is subject also to the following conditions:
a. When used, the image may not be altered in any way except to scale it up or down in size.
b. The image must be accompanied by the following HTML code (unaltered) somewhere on the same page as the flag image: "The Nova Roman 'Gold SPQR in a gold wreath on a crimson field' flag is a use-protected trademark of Nova Roma and is used with permission."
c. Permission to use the image of the Nova Roman flag in other contexts, in altered form, or without the accompanying attribution must be obtained from the Senate in Formal Session, by means of a vote.
d. The Aediles Curules (Curule Aediles) shall maintain a collection of Nova Roma trademark images approved explicitly for personal use on websites, social media, and physical items intended for one's own personal use. Placing Nova Roma trademarks on physical items that are offered for sale or commercial gain is considered a commercial use of Nova Roma trademarks and as such must be approved in advance in accordance with paragraph 3(e) below.
e. Any commercial use of Nova Roma trademarks must be approved by petitioning the Aediles Curules (Curule Aediles). The Aediles Curules (Curule Aediles) shall refer such requests to the Senate for review. The use of Nova Roma trademarks for commercial purposes, including reproduction on merchandise, is expressly prohibited unless the producer completes a license agreement approved by the Senate in Formal Session. Such commercial use is then governed by the terms of the approved and executed license agreement. Nova Roma does not grant conditional approval for such commercial use.
4. Revocation of the conditional permission to use the trademark (as at 2 above) shall be communicated to the manager/owner/controller of the web location and a request to remove the device within 14 (fourteen) days, or if such a person is unrecoverable, to the service provider that hosts such a location within any time-frame deemed fit by the Senate.
5. Should the trademark not be removed upon the expiry of any time limit set by the Senate, the Senate shall, by further vote in Formal Session, determine if legal action should be taken, and if so to act according to the directions contained in any Senatus consultum issued to that effect.
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