Senatus consultum de piaculo publico propter pestilentiam

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Enacted on: a.d. VIII Id. Oct. Q. Arrio P. Annaeo cos. ‡ XXII ANRC et MMDCCLXXII AUC (In the year of the consulship of Q. Arrius and P. Annaeus, 13rd April, 22 ANRC / 2772 AUC / 2019 AD)

I. The senate mandates the consuls, praetors, at least one flamen, at least one pontifex in representation of the collegium pontificum, and at least one augur in representation of the collegium augurum to perform expiatory rituals in protection of the Nova Roman people, the Quirites, and to avert the pandemic from the citizens of Nova Roma, and from mankind.

II. The prayers and details of the ritual shall be supervised by a pontifex, and the consuls and praetors may appoint representatives to perform the rituals in their name if they cannot do it themselves. The consuls are responsible for the implementation of this senatus consultum.

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