Senatus consultum on the creation of a senate committee concerning the creation of the provocatio process (Nova Roma)

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I. The Senate authorizes the creation of a committee of the Senate to establish the process by which the Nova Roman constitutional right of provocatio can be administered. This shall be known as the Provocatio Committee.

II. The mandate of the Provocatio Committee shall be:

1. To establish the objectives of a provocatio process.
2. To identify and/or establish any limitations, legal, practical or otherwise of a provocatio process.
3. To establish the proposed legal framework under which a provocatio appeal shall operate within Nova Roma, whilst ensuring that the framework does not conflict with the Constitution and leges of Nova Roma.
4. To ensure that the proposed legal framework at II.3 also accommodates any appeals that may be forthcoming as a result of any hearings or trials that may be conducted under the authority of any lex currently in force.
5. To ensure that the proposed legal framework at II.3 can meet the constitutional intent of provocatio.
6. To ensure that the proposed legal framework at II.3 can accommodate in an efficient and equitable manner multiple identical, or similar claims, of provocatio arising from one related incident and to establish the legal principles under which such multiple claims may be administered.
7. To ensure that any sanctions that may be imposed through the provocatio process are not in conflict with the Constitution or any lex currently in force.
8. To provide regular reports to the Senate list at a frequency to be determined by the chair of the Provocatio Committee.
9. When the mandate is complete from II.1 to II.7 inclusive, to present the proposed legal framework to the Senate for debate and a vote, by way of Senatus consultum passed by simple majority, to endorse such a framework with Senatorial approval.
10. If the proposed process is endorsed as at II.9, then to draft a proposed lex incorporating any observations made in the Senatus consultum
11. To execute such further tasks as the Senate may see fit to add, by way of amending Senatus consultum, to the mandate.

III. The Provocatio Committee shall present the proposed lex at II.9 to both the consuls for review when completed.

IV. The consuls shall either both approve the proposed lex, or it shall be returned to the Provocatio Committee for any amendments required.

V. Once both consuls are satisfied with the proposed lex they shall arrange for the matter to be put to the relevant comitia, such comitia being selected based on the scope of the proposed legal framework and/or the proposed lex.

VI. The chair of the Provocatio Committee shall be Marcus Minucius Audens

VII. Members of the Provocatio Committee, apart from the chair, shall be Marcus Cornelius Gualterus Graecus, Statia Cornelia Valeriana Iuliana Aeternia, Gaius Equitius Cato, Gaius Petronius Dexter and Vibius Valerius Volusus.

VIII. No other persons, other than those at sections VI and VII, shall be members of the Provocatio Committee without a further Senatus consultum being enacted to enable this.

IX. The chair of the Provocatio Committee shall determine the internal rules under which it operates.

X. Upon presentation of the proposed lex and it receiving the approval of both consuls as at section IV of this Senatus consultum, the Provocatio Committee shall be dissolved.

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