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Purpose and Synopsis


This template is used to mark statements which need verification by primary or secondary sources. If the number of unverified statements on a page will cause the page to be littered by this template, consider using the {{Cite-many}} template instead.



where reason is one of the reasons listed below. Placing this template after a statement will add a citation request at the place the template is entered for the selected reason, and add the page to the category Pages with content needing verification.


Reason text shown
incomplete more complete citation needed
language translation to page language needed
quote source of quotation needed
translation whose translation?
which which?
who who?
whom by whom?
no reason text given citation needed

Reason codes are not case-sensitive.


This template is under continued development. More reasons may be added, the text displayed may be changed, in the future. Please use the discussion page to request changes to this template.


This template was inspired by and its design based heavily upon the various "citation needed" templates found at Wikipedia.

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