Tiberius Galerius Paulinus (Election MMDCCLIX)

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Tiberius Galerius Paulinus


Salve Nova Romans

I had intended to reframe from standing for office this year but with the lack of candidates, I have decided to stand for Consul.

This notice is meant to fulfill the legal requirement to announce my intentions to stand.

In a few days I will post a longer announcement outlining some of my goals in this campaign.


Tiberius Galerius Paulinus Candidate for Consul

Salve, Citizens of Nova Roma !

I announced my candidacy for Consul of our Res Publica a few days ago with the promise to post a full announcement of my intentions and plans for your consideration of my candidacy for Consul.

I am 49 years old, and I have been a citizen of Nova Roma since the 21st day of the Ianuarius 2755. I am employed as a teacher in the macro world, teaching government and history in Mediatlantica Provincia where I also serve as Propraetor.

I am of the Gens Galeria and the Tribus Clustumina.

As I make my continuing journey along the Cursus Honorum I again ask for your support in this election effort. I have asked for and received your support five times in the past and I ask for it again. I have had the honor of serving you as Curator Differium, Quaestor , Tribune and a year as a Consular Quaestor to the illustrious Consul Gaius Popillius Laenas. Full detail can be found here:

Tiberius Galerius Paulinus

This year I have had the high honor of serving as Praetor

When I stood for Praetor I said

"I pledge to you to work as diligently as Praetor as I have in the other magistracies you have entrusted to my care. I will endeavor to fulfill the constitutional duty to "administer the law ", along with my, colleague, in a judicial and unbiased manner and will monitor the main list of Nova Roma in the same way. I will do so without regard to individuals and will strive to apply the law equally . I will also endeavor to perform all other duties of my office according to the best of my abilities and understanding and in adherence to the Constitution, and laws of Nova Roma."

I believe I have done so.

I believe I have worked as hard as any Praetor in Nova Roman history. I have enjoyed (almost) every minute of it.

In this campaign for Consul I again pledge to you to work as diligently as Consul as I have in the other magistracies you have entrusted to my care.

As to my goals

I will organize a fundraising project that will double as public promotion for Nova Roma. Working with our Propraetors I would like to see a series of Roman Movie Festivals held on or near Saturday April 21, 2007.

We rent, in a number of towns and cities a movie house, college or university playhouse or other site that can accommodate showing popular movies with a Roman theme. A Roman dinner could be held in conjunction with these Roman movie festivals.

The Provincial governors would decide if their event would be a one day affair or a weekend one. We enlist the help of Roman Reenactors groups and we work with college Classics departments in promoting Rome and Nova Roma.

As Consul of Nova Roma I will convene a Nova Roman Conclave for 2007. This will most likely take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This meeting would include a face to face meeting of the Nova Roman Senate, a general meet and greet of our citizens, a banquet and other events of a Nova Roma nature.

In addition to the conclave I will work to acquire additional land for Nova Roma. This additional land would be closer to where our citizens live so that it could be used for more face to face meetings. Whatever we build on it can be maintained and watched over by local citizens. We are working with others right now to bring this about.

This new land could be used to generate revenue for Nova Roma by building a Roman fort, holding Roman Day like events and a Roman summer camp one for adults and one for youths. The Senate will be appraised each step of the way. This will allow us to raise the funds necessary to build temples and other building.

I will direct research into the feasibility of starting a general interest magazine called ROME. Believe it or not there are scholarly journals on Rome but no general interest magazine like KMT which is about Ancient Egypt: http://www.egyptology.com/kmt/.

The Magazine, while published by Nova Roma would be Rome centric and not Nova Roman centric. ROME, the magazine would be a bridge to the general public and to the academic world.

I would also like to review of our current legislation with an eye on reducing the number of laws and on insuring that those we have are posted in the Tabularium in a timely manner and in a way that clearly states which laws are active and which have lapsed. I will convene the Senate to work as a "Committee of the Whole" on a paragraph by paragraph review of the Constitution with the results submitted for approval by the Citizens of Nova Roma

I have tried to follow a correct path along the Cursus Honorum. I have served in those offices that the Romans believed gave an individual the experience needed to be a Consul of Rome. I believe it was important to do so . There are candidates that have not followed the Cursus Honorum and as the electorate you must decide which was the proper avenue of service.

Roman Consuls were generalist not specialist and the magistracies of the Cursus Honorum were used to gain general experience. Romans believed that it should be adhered to whenever possible.

I would like to review the Cursus Honorum as it is currently constituted and introduce some needed changes, like a stead fast requirement of service ( for a whole term) as Quaestor before one is eligible for election to any offices including, Censor, Consul, Praetor, Tribunus Plebis, Curule Aedile, Aedilis Plebis. While the Roman Cursus Honorum consisted of only four magistracies the starting point in Rome was the Quaestorship. This needs to be the rule in Nova Roma as well.

I would further refine our election laws to require service as an scriba to the Censors before one could stand for Rogator. Similar requirements might be in order for other posts as well. A minimum of a year as a citizen should be considered in place of the current 6 months to stand for office.

I will continue to maintain the highest integrity and dedication to the welfare of Nova Roma and her citizens and I respectfully ask for your support and your vote.


Tiberius Galerius Paulinus Mea gloria fideles

I respectfully request this be placed as my statment on the Elections page of the Wiki.

Salvete Romans

All of the candidates for consul have plans on how to increase and better the structure of Nova Roma, centrally and locally, but I want to talk to you of growth.

This must be a year of Nova Roma reaching out to the communities outside, building on the existing contacts and networks of our citizens. If they will not come to us, we must go out to them. Sitting here, just waiting for new citizens to open the door and peer in is no longer adequate or acceptable as a plan.

Through careful targeting of our limited resources, mentoring and developing our new citizens to assist in this work within their circles of influence, we can develop a strong and lasting recruitment strategy. This can be linked to and support local events amongst existing citizens.

In Mediatlantica Province were I have served as Praetor since June I have instituted a program of appointing legates not on a (US) state level but on a city level to bring Nova Roma back to her roots. A city focus is something that the Romans would have understood and I believe we can use it to our advantage. As Consul, I will enlist the service Of our provincial governors to develop a plan on reducing the size our Current provinces. Once developed it will be presented to the Senate for review, revision, refinement and hopefully adoption.

As you may remember from my Consular announcement, I would like each Nova Roman community to prepare to celebrate April 21, 2760 a.v.c. In style and in cooperation with each other.

As I stated Nova Romans should work toward holding “A Roman Movie Festival” (or similar event). We rent the most appropriate venue for the different locals, show Roman themed movies, and hold a Roman dinner party or some such. In addition, Nova Roman Communities should look to local libraries to host, starting as soon as possible, a Roman book club or Roman Mystery reading group.

Each of these ideas can be adapted for local needs and resources but the need to get out from behind the computer is paramount.

We are fortunate to live in a time of increased interest in Rome and the ancient world. There are at least half a dozen authors writing good Roman mysteries. We should arrange for public appearances of some of these authors as a tie in to Nova Roman activities. We should use this interest in Roma to our advantage.

We should establish Nova Roma as a repository for information on and events of a “Roman” nature, including Pagan festivals, reenacting, Roman Days like events. We should maintain a calendar of events as An aspect of our Wiki and website.

We also need to put the knowledge of our Sodalitates to work. The Sodalitas Coquorum et Cerevisiae Coctorum has been meeting for a number of years and we need to work with them to produce a Nova Roma cookbook. A macro world product for people in the macro world.

We need to tap the knowledge of the Sodalitas Militarium to establish an international competition for reenacting groups. An Olympic like event to display the depth of knowledge and scholarship in the Roman re-enacting community.

We should work with the Sodalitas Musarum to identify those literary and scholarly works that are out of print and whose copyright has expired so we can print both books and other publications with a Nova Roma imprint.

We should also support the filming of the rites of the Religio to be used as instruction for members of the Religio . A section of the Wiki (if possible ) and the website should hold these filmed rites. In order to support this effort I will ask the Senate to purchase a number of handheld cameras for use by our Pontiffs in furtherance of their work.

We should work with the Sodalitas Latinitatis to establish a Latin competition open to any Latin student, in any county, in the world that would display our commitment to the reestablishment of Latin as a constituent part of a well rounded education.

In order to have the tools necessary to recreate as much of Rome as possible we should subscribe to as many online scholarly journals, like the Journal of Roman Studies (about $200-$400) that we can afford.

These institutional subscriptions would allow our members to read and utilize the most recent scholarship on Rome as we work toward making Nova Roma more Roman.

The "meet and greet" of new citizens would be best served not on the main list but at these convivial and friendly local events. A local Nova Roma community could become a sponsor of a local 5K race (or like event) that is engaged in raising funds for local charities. Set up a booth at local agriculture fairs and the like.

We also need to utilize our resources. We need to use the land in Texas and if we can we need more land that is nearer to where Nova Romans live. If we do, many types of projects become possible, building of Temples, Roman summer camp Roman day events and more.

Some may say that this is beyond us or this is what we have tried to do all along. I would reply that we have tried to do this in fragmented ways, valuable and commendable ways with varying degrees of success, but what is needed is a comprehensive strategy guided by the advice and wisdom of the Senate, driven by the Consuls, magistrates, directed by the provincial governors and fully supported by the people.

I propose that we set targets for an increase in our population. These must be realistic and based on our existing abilities and available resources. I do not suggest just one target but at least two. We should challenge ourselves at the levels of province and centre and aim to achieve a set net percentage increase in citizens within one year.

Great achievements happen, when targets and goals are set and when they are not it is because of trusting to luck. We should aim to succeed in meeting these targets, but also recognize that even if we do not, we grow stronger and more united by the journey. In this effort, important and vital as it is, to see the growth of local communities we must not forget that many new citizens will come to us through the internet.

The centre too can play an important role and the wonderful work that has been done to improve the visual display, the content and access to the website, through the Wiki is of huge importance in this task.

The first appearance of Nova Roma has been immeasurably enhanced by this work. The Vox Romana broadcasts are a great initiative, linking local communities but also to mentoring new citizens through their impressive content.

If elected as Consul I will expend all of my efforts in this great endeavor.

We need to plan and plan well, but that planning has to have a start and end date. Our purpose must not be to build the finest and greatest villa possible, then sit back, and assume people will want to join us. Rome started as a cluster of huts on seven hills. We have progressed past that point in Nova Roma, but we cannot build a city of marble yet. We need to be proud of what we have done, plan to go out into our communities as individuals, families and provinces and find our new citizens.

Then we have to stop planning and actually do it. It will not be easy. There will be hurdles but can over come them.

What is important is finding new citizens. This must not detract from the work of local events but can compliment and improve those events. The "welcome wagon" must roll out of the gates of Nova Roma in order to find people willing to do no more than climb aboard, take a ride back to our res publica, and look. The tag line on the recruiting posters that I have designed is

“Emigrate to the adventure of a life time” Nova Roma…
Come for a visit….
Stay for a lifetime.

Some will stay, some will go, but we have the infrastructure here already to help and guide them. We can meet our targets if we plan, have the will and actually do it.

This year a city is built of tufa and brick. Next year a city built of marble! That must be our ultimate goal and this is one method to help build it.

If you share this vision with me then lend me not just your ears, but your vote.


Tiberius Galerius Paulinus

Praetor et Senator Mea gloria fideles

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