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Welcome to my sandbox. Here, I'm working on figuring things out to make this Wiki do more for you. Feel free to drop a line here.

Pages for Further Development

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Pages for Creation

Feel free to add here pages you feel I should create within the wiki. I will take under consideration and respond to all suggestions .

Style Guide examples

Published Books

  • Scheid, John. An Introduction to Roman Religion. ISBN 0253216605
  • Fowler, W. Warde. The Roman Festivals of the Period of the Republic. MacMillan and Co., 1908.
  • Scullard, H.H. Festivals and Ceremonies of the Roman Republic. Thames and Hudson, 1981.
  • Schwede, Constantine. De Pontificum Collegii Pontificisque Maximi in Re Publica Potestate. Leipzig, 1875.

Articles within Books

  • Lesley and Roy Adkins. "Nones", Dictionary of Roman Religion. ISBN 0195142330

Periodical Articles

  • Crake, J.E.A. "The Annals of the Pontifex Maximus", Classical Philology, v. 35 no. 4.
  • Reinhardt, Tobias. "Epicurus and Lucretius on the Origins of Language," Classical Quarterly, 1st Quarter, 2008.

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