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Caeso Quirinius Dasius
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Awarded member of the public equestrian order, K. Quirinius Dasius, eques equo publico, and quaestorian senator, currently serves the res publica as aedilis plebis together with C. Flavius Constantinus Aeneas Stilicho as his colleague. K. Quirinius Dasius is the the founder of the Legio I Adiutrix which is ran within the frames of the association Terra Apulum.

K. Quirinius Dasius in the Album Civium


Daasius is an academic with a PhD doctorate in ancient history. He is a Roman military officer, an optio of the Legio I Adiutrix, of which he is also the praefectus legionis, the commanding general. He believes in the idea that Nova Roma is the worldwide home of all people who identify as modern Romans, whether fans of Rome, serious reenactors, cultors of the gods, or students of Roman studies.

K. Quirinius Dasius lives in Alba Iulia (Romania), Provincia Dacia, the former great Roman city Colonia Aurelia Apulensis and the middle part of Transylvania. He works for The National Museum of The Union and for the last 15 years he dedicated a lot his time to ancient Roman reenacment. This passion started years ago when he worked as an archaeologist, and even before when he studied ancient history and now this become part of his daily being. He became the founding member of the local reenacment group in Alba Iulia, but in 2019 he founded Terra Apulum - Legio I Adiutrix, his own new group so that he can work directly with and for his future vision. During the years he started several international relations and he was able to visit most of the events in Italy, Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain and Malta. Dasius also had a big number of events in Provincia Dacia where he played several roles as organizer, partner and participant.

Besides the military training and demonstrations, he also runs several workshops, like bone and horn working, calligraphy, leather working, coins workshop, painting and Roman cuisine.

Dasius finished his PhD in ancient history in 2016 at University Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Iași, Dacia. The previous stages of studies were in Alba Iulia. During the study years he worked a lot with the students and he got a few scholarships in Poland, Slovakia and Malta. One of his biggest accomplishments was in 2019 when he had the chance to study and train at the British Museum.

K. Quirinius is married and still living in the great Roman city of Apulum.

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