Gaius Flavius Constantinus Aeneas Stilicho (Nova Roma)

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Gaius Flavius Constantinus Aeneas Stilicho
Album Civium

Awarded member of the public equestrian order, C. Flavius Stilicho, eques equo publico, and aedilician senator, currently serves the res publica as praetor, vice-president of Nova Roma, together with P. Aurelius Barbatus as his colleague. Flavius Stilicho is the the founder of the Legio XIV Comitatensis - Quartodecimani, and the modern Roman posca drink brand LEGIO™. Flavius Stilicho is generally acclaimed as a leading figure and example in high quality Roman reenactment.

C. Flavius Constantinus Aeneas Stilicho in the Album Civium


Flavius lives near Vindobona in the what is termed in Nova Roma as Regio Noricum et Raetia in Provincia Germania and he is very active in forwarding the goals of Roman revivalism. He is an officer in the Austrian army and a musician. He reenacts the 4th century CE since 2013 and has initiated a number of international events such as the Festival of Late Antiquity in Carnuntum or the Festival of Late Antiquity in Aquileia. He entertains a YouTube Channel where he shares information on late antiquity and lets viewers participate in his adventures, such as the 350 km march in full military gear of the 4th century, in memory of the late archaeologist Univ. Prof Dr. Hannsjörg Ubl, which was supported by Nova Roma. He has conceptualized and submitted the Interreg Project "Living Danube Limes", which aims at using our common Roman heritage in order to create a common cultural identity along the Danube river. The project was funded with 3,2 million Euro and saw the cruise of a fully reconstructed Roman ship along the entire 2800 km stretch of the Danube in 2022.

As steps in his cursus honorum, he held the offices of quaestorship and plebeian aedileship in the previous years subsequently, he was granted imperium in C. Cethego Q. Arrio (IV) cos. MMDCCLXXVI a.u.c. by the Senate and promoted as legatus pro praetore of the Late Roman legions of Nova Roma, finally to reach the praetorship of the current year and subsume the Late Roman command under this office.

His work can partially be experienced via his YouTube channel.

Read more about Flavius Stilicho's modern Roman posca LEGIO™ promoted in cooperation with Nova Roma.

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