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Papiria is one of the 15 oldest tribes, all traditionally said to have been created by king Servius Tullius. It appears originally to have been centred on the ancient Italian city of Tusculum, the home-town of many famous Romans.

Notable tribules of ancient times include Ti. Coruncanius (the first plebeian Pontifex Maximus and the first Roman to offer legal advice to the general public), M. Porcius Cato censorius, and M. Porcius Cato Uticensis, as well as the famous families of the Fulvii and the Mamilii. The tribe also boasts some distinguished members in modern times including the senatores Cn. Equitius and C. Livia.

Down to the end of the ancient republic Papiria maintained a feud with tribus Pollia. Before Tusculum was given Roman citizenship and included in tribus Papiria, the town was involved in a revolt against Rome. C. Longo Q. Aulio cos. (CCCCXXXI a.u.c.) a Tribunus Plebis proposed to punish the Tusculans. According to Livy,

"The Tusculan people with their wives and children came to Rome. This multitude, dressed in mourning and with the appearance of defendants on trial, went round the tribes on their knees prostrating themselves; thus it was that they secured a merciful sentence by sympathy rather than overcoming the charges by argument. Every tribe except Pollia rejected the proposal: Pollia voted to flog and execute the adult men and sell the wives and children into slavery. It is well-known that memory of their anger about so harsh a penalty persisted in the Tusculans down to our father's day, and that Papiria has hardly ever voted for a candidate from Pollia."
(T. Livius, 8.37)

Nowadays, however, the feud has largely faded to an amicable rivalry.

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