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L. Arminio Ti. Galerio cos. MMDCCLX a.u.c.

The Conventus Novae Romae in America for 2007 is tentatively planned for a weekend in March. The two proposed sites are St. Louis, Missouri and Hartford, Connecticut. The location and date will be determined based upon support for each option.


Attendees and Location Preference

If you plan to attend the St. Louis event, add your name to the list using # ~~~

  1. Marcus Octavius Gracchus(t) - I can drive from Chicago and carry passengers.

If you plan to attend the Hartford event, add your name to the list using # ~~~


One weekend in March 2007. Probable attendees, please indicate your preference by signing with ~~~ on the appropriate line:

  • Sat 3 / Sun 4
  • Sat 10 / Sun 11
  • Sat 17 / Sun 18
  • Sat 24 / Sun 25 - Marcus Octavius Gracchus(t) (begins spring break for Univ of IL)
  • Sat 31 / Sun Apr 1

Location 1: St. Louis


$89.00 plus tax.

  • Rated in the top 5% of all Hampton Inns worldwide;
  • 2005 Hilton Hotel "Circle of Excellence" Award Winner;
  • Upgraded Hilton "Cloud 9" bedding package;
  • Complimentary "hot breakfast served sach from 6 am to 10 am;
  • Complimentary wireless high speed internet service throughout hotel (but probably need your own


  • Indoor pool, hot tub and exercise room (for Roman bath);
  • 24 hour business center;
  • Meeting space provided complimentary with TV/VCR;
  • 4 miles from downtown historic St. Charles;
  • 50 restaurants within one mile of hotel (no restaurant in the hotel, though).

You can look at for a virtual tour of the property.

There is no transportation to and from the airport so people will probably have to take cabs or get rides (about $25.00 for a cab, they say).

St. Charles is a quaint town with shopping and there are some casinos in the area.

Location 2: Hartford

The following information is about Convention rates at Bradley Airport, 11 miles from Hartford, CT. (Windsor, CT) The hotel is a Marriott Hotel.

  • $125 per room per night (double occupancy, approx. with tax);
  • Conference Room (8 hours) sliding scale; 60 rooms or more -- free; 40 rooms -- $500; 10 to 30 rooms -- $650.
  • Only the last weekend in March is available, possible April openings;
  • Free transportation to Hotel from airport and return (3 miles);
  • Some % of fees up front to hold rooms and Conference Room, each hotel having their own policies and requirements for such;
  • No meals included;
  • Possible negotiations for Breakfast approx. $10 to $20 per person;
  • Restaurant in hotel can cater a meal if desired $35 to $50 depending upon the meal (covers tips to wait staff);
  • Minimum 10 rooms for convention rates.
  • The way the fees would be determined; add whatever special needs (meals, etc.) are desired to the above basic costs, and break the costs down in the following way; 30 people --- 40 people --- etc.
  • All prices listed are approximate, but close, the person providing the information is a travel agent of long standing and experience.
  • Hartford, CT is the Capitol of CT, and is approx. 150 miles from New York, 130 miles from Boston, and 100 miles from Providence, R.I. All these cities have International Airports.
  • In New Haven, CT (North Haven), the Holiday Inn Conference Center has similar prices; the max. cost of the Conference Room is $460, (no sliding scale price for Conference Room). Rooms are somewhat cheaper, and other expenses are similar to Hartford area above. There is no International Airport, domestic only. New Haven is approximately 70 miles from New York.
  • Contact sales office at individual hotels for exact rates and policies. Major Hotels in Providence and Boston are booked far in advance and hard to get. Metropolitan Hotels usually price at two to three times the cost of the above rates. Limited and expensive parking facilities for anyone driving.
  • It is recommended strongly by the travel agent, that whoever takes charge of this event and makes the arrangements, they should list the rates as "package" rates, to avoid unwanted detailed scrimmaging about specific prices for specific services.
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