Edictum consulare convening the comitia centuriata (Nova Roma)

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P. Memmius Albucius cos. Quiritibus s.d.

In view of the Constitution of Nova Roma, in its paragraph I.D. and III.B. ;

Considering the auspices that I have taken at dawn, this a.d. XV Apr. 2763 auc (Th. March 18, 2010), which were favorable ;

After due consultation of my colleague Fabius Buteo,

Considering the advice of the Senate during its session of March 21st ;

Quod bonum felixque sit populo romano quiritium,

I edict the following and referimus ad vos, Quirites :

Art. 1 : The Comitia centuriata is hereby convened for a session. The decision of its centuries is requires, in the frame of this session, on the agenda presented in the relatio presented below ;

Art. 2 : The time table of the session is the following one, every hour being expressed for Rome, except in the table below:

2.1. Session

Beginning: 16:30 hour, a.d. IV Kal. Apr. (March. 29) ; end: sunset a.d. IV Id Apr. (Apr. 10)

2.2. Contio

Beginning: 17:00 hour, a.d. IV Kal. Apr. (March. 29) ; end: 15:00 hour, pr. Non. Apr. (Apr. 4)

2.3. Vote

Beginning: 16:00 hour, pr. Non. Apr. (Apr. 4) ; end: 16:00 hour, a.d. IV Id Apr. (Apr. 10)

Art. 3 : The relatio ('agenda') of the present session is the following one:

Item I – Constitution – Move and rewording of the “religious paragraph” of par. VI.A. to par. I (ex. “Blasphemy clause”)

Item II – Constitution – Date of entry in office of the Tribunes of the Plebs - Rewording of the introduction to paragraph IV.A.

Item III – Constitution – Adaptation of the number of our public officers to our citizenry - Modification of the number of quaestors - Rewording of the paragraph IV.A.6

Item IV – Lex Equitia de vigintisexviris – deletion on pr. Kal. 2764 auc of its paragraph II.B on rogators

Art. 4 : The items mentioned in the article 3 may be completed before the opening of the contio by additional items or by attached documents, available from next March 20st on, for an easier reading, in the Comitia centuriata files section, folder “CC March-April 2763 auc“, at (copy-paste this link if any problem):


Thanks for your attention, Quirites. Have all a good comitia and valete omnes.

P. Memmius Albucius cos.

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